Thursday, August 30, 2012

Snowy Moon Cake Class 冰皮月餅班

It has been a while since I conduct cooking classes. I have been busy doing baking demonstration in various libraries. But Mid August Festival is coming up on September 30 and many friends have shown interests in making this lovely moon cake, so I decide to open three classes:

1)  9/15/2012 Saturday 2-3:30pm
2)  9/21/2012 Friday 10-11:30am
3)  9/23/2012 Sunday 3-4:30pm

Three different fillings will be covered: black sesame, taro and mung bean.

You don't have the mold to make it ? Don't worry. The mold is included in the fee !

First come first serve: send me an email to secure your enrollment:

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