Friday, October 6, 2017

New Cooking Demonstration Program: HK Style Milk Tea 絲襪奶茶+菠蘿包

I am very excited to announce that my new program Hong Kong Style Milk Tea will debut in December 2nd 2pm at Norwood Library in the city of El Monte. Not only will I show you how to make silky milk tea, I will also demonstrate the making of Pineapple Buns from scratch. The pair is a staple in cafes throughout Hong Kong and here in Southern California. They are enjoyed not just in the everyday lives of many people, they are also in the list of intangible cultural heritage by the Hong Kong government.

The program and sampling is free to all but seating is limited on a first come, first serve basis. 
There is more than one county library in El Monte. Please make sure you go to the right one : ) 
Click here to find out more details.


我會在十二月二日下午兩點在 El Monte 之 Norwood Library 向大家示範做法,讓大家在美國都可以延續這些非物質文化遺產。

示範節目費用、試食全免,但座位有限,先到先得。El Monte 市有幾個公共圖書館,請不要去錯,地址及詳情請點擊這裏 。

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