Monday, June 11, 2012

Baking for a Good Cause 義賣籌款

I have never done any fundraising with my baking in the past. This time I am doing it to raise funds for various short term mission teams at my church. Although I am not physically going to a mission field, by doing what God makes me do best is another great way to participate.
Baking 100 macarons and 100 cups of tiramisu is a big project. I have been planning for days. The most challenging part is to determine how many ingredients to prepare.


I bought 4 pounds of mascarpone and made close to 100 five and a half ounce cups

I am glad to have a lot of help and support from my small group's brothers and sisters. We had a great and fun time putting together the tiramisu cups and packaging the delicate little macarons. They are so labor intensive!

Here are some snapshots from this international food fair:

different food booths serving kabobs, freshly made fruits and vegetables smoothies and 3-color beans drinks
Hong Kong style Egg Waffle freshly made on the spot
 booth selling fresh flower pots and satay chickens
sisters busy preparing Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Joongzi
Korean Pancake booth


  1. Hi Phoebe,
    I wish I was in you small group and to help.It seems you all have so much fun.

  2. Where did you buy the tiramisu cups? I was hoping to get glimpse of it macro view.

    1. I got them from Smart & Finals. They come in a pack of 125. Lids are separate.

  3. I LOVE your website and good cause!!! Pls keep up your good work!!!


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