Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soy Sauce Egg 鹵水蛋

Hard boiled eggs sound easy to make. I remember it was one of the small and simple tasks that was taught to me by my mom when I was young. I was not properly instructed at the time and most of the time the eggs cracked while boiling and the whites spilled out and it became ugly.  And sometimes the yolk is completely runny....There is so much science involved: click here to read an experiment on boiling eggs. In reality, it is more than a simple task...

Now I am a mom, I want to make sure that my children know how to boil an egg properly.

The eggs in this recipe are boiled, soaked in cold water, and the shell peeled. They are then soaked in the marinade for a few hours to overnight. This way the egg white will remain soft and yet full of the flavor of the marinade. The longer they marinate, the stronger the flavor.

They are great to be served in breakfast, as a snack or an appetizer. Bring them to potluck party !

Ingredients for the marinade:
1 part soy sauce
1/2 part rock sugar
3 parts water
1 package of spice
eggs, cooked and peeled

1)  Put the room temperature eggs in a pot big enough to fill with water and cover all the eggs with cold tap water.
2)  Put the pot on the stove and turn the fire up to medium heat. As soon as the water boils, set a timer for 3 minutes. When the time is up, remove the pot from the heat.
3)  Carefully transfer the eggs to another big bowl and fill it up with cold water. Change the water a few times until the eggs are no longer warm.
4)  Crack and peel the eggs.

5)  Boil the marinade and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes. Let it cool to about room temperature.

6)  Put the eggs in and make sure they are covered by the sauce. Turn them once a while if they are not completely immersed.

7)  Let them marinate for a few hours or overnight at room temperature.

1)  Different brands of soy sauce have varying amounts of sodium. Adjust to your taste.
2)  This spice pack is readily mixed with different spices like cinnamon, fennel, ginger, cumin and clover. It is available in Asian grocery store. If it is not available, you can add them individually.
3)  If cold eggs are boiled directly out of the refrigerator, they will crack. They can be warmed up quickly by submerging in hot tap water for 10 minutes before cooking.
4)  Adjust the amount of marinade according to the amount of eggs you have, but keep the proportion for best taste and flavor.



做這種鹵水蛋,只要烚熟一些蛋(全熟或溏心都可以),去殼,然後在已煮好的鹵水汁內浸幾小時便可以了,簡單易做,做早餐或小食都可以,又或者帶去party也很受歡迎呀 !



1)  將室温蛋放一大煱內,加水蓋過蛋,用中火加熱至滾,三分鐘後熄火。
2)  將蛋放入另一大煱,加冷水使蛋慢慢冷卻。
3)  水變冷後便可以去殼。
4)  做鹵水汁: 將鹵水材料放入大煱內滾二十至三十分鐘,待稍涼後便成。
5)  將蛋放入鹵水汁內浸四、五小時,或過夜便可。


1)  不同牌子的醬油有不同鹽量,請自行調教咸味。
2)  鹵水包內有不同香料,十分方便使用,如買不到可自行放不同香料。
3)  用直接從雪柜出來的蛋去烚,蛋殼會因温差而裂開。可以用熱水浸十分鐘才用水烚。
4)  鹵水汁的用量視付蛋的多少,但比例要保持。


  1. Hi, the picture of the marinade seems to show two bags floating in the liquid. Do you put in both small sacks of spices that are contained within the same small plastic bag? Oh, and can i add some tea leaves to make 茶葉蛋? How much would you add?? Thanks!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I used only one pack of spice. The marinate was boiling therefore the picture was a bit misleading. I have not tried making 茶葉蛋. I believe you can add one to two teaspoons to the marinate.


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