Friday, October 22, 2010

Grand Opening

I'm not a procrastinator. But I've been postponing this for a long time. Why ? Don't know exactly. Maybe just a bit paranoid about the blog's world. In the past 3 years, I've been reading other people's blogs almost daily--mainly cooking and baking sites. I learn a lot. There are good blogs out there and also not so good blogs.

I have been taking pictures of almost everything I made now. So, why not write a blog ? Treat it like a journal and I can see the improvement I made all along. (Thank you Christine ^_^ )

I am not a professional baker (even though my friends sometimes said (jokingly) I cheated by claiming "I made that") , but I do try to make it presentable and enjoyable.

Like I always say: if I can make it, you can make it as well.

OK, let's get started.
Pineapple-like bun 菠蘿包 is an enriched sweet bun with no pineapple in it. It gets the name from the crunchy crest that looks like a pineapple. It was the first challenge that got me hooked in making bread.

Look at my first attempt:

They looked nothing like the real thing I got from the local bakery. They looked more like cookies than bread. So, after consulting with my friend May (who challenged and inspired me to bake), I tried again:

They are crunchy on the crust and soft on the bun. Wonderful !
(Oh, I also made some hot dog buns)

我不是一個喜歡耽擱的人, 但是我將寫這個網路日誌的心願一再延遲。為什麼呢? 我也不知道, 也許對這網路日誌世界有點兒心慌吧。但在過去的三年, 我幾乎每天也讀別人的日誌--主要是有關烹飪或烘焙的網, 雖然有好的,也有比較差的, 我也獲益良多。

我習慣了將我的成品拍下照片, 以為何不做多一點, 寫這個日誌呢? 這樣我自己可以精益求精。(多謝Christine的鼓勵 ^_^)

我不是一個專業烘焙師(雖然我有些朋友時常說笑式話我將買來的當成是自己做) ,但我盡量做到『睇得又食得』!

我時常對人說: 如果我可以做到, 你也可以!


沒有在香港住過的人會對菠蘿包陌生, 它外脆內軟, 實在是魅力無法擋。這是我的處女作:

這實在是不見得人啊, 所以不得不請教我的啟蒙老師啊May的指教

終於成功了! (右下角是腸仔包)

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