Friday, August 3, 2018

How to Make Salted Egg (Yolk Only) 淨咸蛋黃做法

Beginning this project, I was doubtful if it would work the way I saw in the pictures, if the salted egg yolks would turn out to be round, solid, yet slightly oozy. But after doing it myself, I am convinced. It is indeed an ingenious way to make salted egg yolks, without the egg whites or using the whole egg method. I have been making my own salty egg for a long time since the import is prohibited by the FDA (only cooked salty eggs can be imported to the US). But most of the time, only the egg yolks are used, like in mooncakes or other bakery products.

There is not really a recipe for it, meaning the quantity of the ingredients is arbitrary, not like in baking. It is the "how" which matters. The salt can be reused.

salt, fine or coarse, lots of it 鹽,粗幼偕可
eggs, preferably duck, but chicken is fine 蛋,雞或鴨蛋偕可
five spice powder 五香粉
white pepper, ground 白胡椒粉
a bowl or a deep dish

1) Mix salt with about half a teaspoon of five spice powder and white pepper. Save a few tablespoons of this mixture in another bowl. Fill your deep dish or bowl to at least three quarters of the way up with the rest of the salt mixture.

2) Put a little water into the salt to make it a wet, sandy texture. Level the mixture with the back of a spoon.
3) Using the pointed end of an egg to make as many indentations into the wet salt as you have eggs.
4) Separate the egg yolks from the whites (You can save the white for other uses). Carefully put a egg yolk onto each hole, without breaking the yolk.
5) Cover the yolks with the rest of the salt mixture.

6) Let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours at room temperature.
7) After 24 hours, use a spoon to scoop up the solid yolks. Carefully wash off the excess salt.

8) Steam for 5 minutes.

Reference: recipe 01

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