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Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Panna Cotta 紅桑子朱古力奶凍

This is my take on the classic Italian dessert panna cotta. It means "cooked cream" in Italian and is very much like a Western version of a popular Chinese dessert, steamed eggs with milk. By adding two other flavors--raspberry and chocolate mousse--I have created a new combination that compliments each other and at the same time adds depth to the flavor. With the right amount of gelatin to firm up the liquid, the texture of the panna cotta becomes delicately smooth and silky. They are served in small glasses of the perfect serving size. Mmm....yummy!

Since there are three layers and they all need to be refrigerated and set before adding another one, a bit of patience is needed. It can be prepared one to two days before serving.



Depending on the size of your containers, adjust the amount of the ingredients.
Ingredients to make about ten 50 ml small glasses:

Panna Cotta: 奶凍
150g heavy cream 忌廉/奶油
50g whole milk 全脂牛奶
33g sugar 糖
⅓ tsp unflavored gelatin 無味魚膠粉/吉利丁/明膠
¼ vanilla bean 雲呢哪豆

Dark Chocolate Mousse: 黑朱古力慕絲
25g sugar 糖
1½ tsp water 水
2 egg yolks 蛋黃
69g dark chocolate, 60-65% 黑朱古力
99g heavy cream 忌廉/奶油
½ tsp unflavored gelatin 無味魚膠粉/吉利丁/明膠

Raspberry Mousse: 紅桑子慕絲
81g raspberry puree 紅桑子蓉
39g sugar 糖
114g heavy cream 忌廉/奶油
1 tsp unflavored gelatin 無味魚膠粉/吉利丁/明膠

First Layer: Panna Cotta
1)  Slice open the vanilla bean with a paring knife and scrape the seeds out. Put the seeds and the pod with heavy cream, whole milk, and sugar in a small pot. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let it steep for 15 minutes. Remove the pod. Rinse, dry, and store for another use.

2)  Sprinkle the gelatin into a small bowl with 2 tsp of water. Let it bloom for 5 minutes, then microwave briefly to dissolve the gelatin.
3)  Add to the warm milk and mix well. Pour into the glasses and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or until set.

Second Layer: Dark Chocolate Mousse
1)  Beat egg yolks in a small bowl with a handheld mixer for a few minutes.
2)  In another pot, bring water and sugar to a boil. Then, pour into the egg with the mixer running. Continue to beat until the mixture has cooled to room temperature.
3)  Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave.
4)  Beat heavy cream in another bowl until it holds soft peaks.
5)  Sprinkle gelatin into a small bowl with 2 tsp of water. Let it bloom for a few minutes. Microwave briefly to dissolve. Add to the egg and stir well.
6)  Pour the egg mixture into the melted chocolate and mix well to incorporate.
7)  Fold the chocolate mixture into the heavy cream until well mixed.
8)  Pour or pipe on top of the panna cotta layer and refrigerate until set.

Third Layer: Raspberry Mousse
1)  Blend raspberries into puree. Strain into a bowl and discard the solid waste.
2)  Put sugar and puree into a pot and heat briefly until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool.
3)  Sprinkle gelatin into a small bowl with 3 tsp of water. Let it bloom for a few minutes. Microwave briefly to dissolve.
4)  Beat heavy cream to soft peaks.
5)  Add the dissolved gelatin to the puree and mix well. Add to the beaten cream and mix well.
6)  Add on top of the other two layers and refrigerate for a few hours or until set. Serve cold.

1) To make 81g raspberry puree, you will need to double the amount of raspberry, approximately 162g. Fresh or frozen fruit can be used.
2) It is important to follow the instructions on how to melt gelatin. Do not directly put the powder gelatin into a hot liquid. It will clump and become difficult to dissolve. Gelatin sheet is more user friendly: soften it in cold water and put it directly into warm liquid.

1) 用小刀刮出雲呢哪籽,放入鍋內與奶油、牛奶及糖煮滾。滾後離火,浸泡十五分鐘。
2) 將魚膠粉灑在兩茶匙水上,五分鐘後放微波爐弄至溶解。
3) 將魚膠粉溶液倒入牛奶內攪勻,再倒入小杯內,放雪櫃至小兩小時或至凝固。

1) 蛋黃用打蛋器打約幾分鐘。
2) 糖加水煮滾,一邊打蛋一邊將熱糖水倒入,打至降溫。
3) 朱古力加熱溶化。
4) 將奶油打至五成。
5) 將魚膠粉灑在兩茶匙水上,五分鐘後放微波爐弄至溶解。倒入蛋液內,攪勻。
6) 將蛋液倒入朱月力溶液內,攪勻。
7) 再加入已打之奶油,攪勻後倒入已凝固之奶凍上,放雪櫃至小兩小時或至凝固。

1) 將紅桑子打成茸,過篩。加糖煮熱至糖溶,離火。
2) 將魚膠粉灑在三茶匙水上,五分鐘後放微波爐弄至溶解。倒入果茸內,攪勻。
3) 將奶油打至五成。加入果茸內,攪勻。
4) 倒入已凝固之兩層奶凍上,放雪櫃至小兩小時或至凝固。

1) 新鮮或雪藏的紅桑子也可以用,要磨出 81g 的果茸大約要用雙倍重量的紅桑子(162g)。
2) 要特別注意怎樣用魚膠粉,不可直接放入熱的液體,會成為很難溶解的硬粒。

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