Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas and New Year Cookbook Giveaway 食譜免費送贈活動

I should say this giveaway is killing two birds with one stone. The holidays are approaching, making it a great time for a giveaway. This event is also a way to reward my readers who have been so supportive in following my blog. I was so busy lately that I forgot to celebrate my blog's fourth anniversary.

What have I been busy with? Here are some pictures (visit my facebook page for more):

During the last week of November I was honored to cater a wedding with over 200 guests. It was a great challenge and I am thankful that it went well with very good responses from the hosts and guests.

To celebrate the holidays and my blog's fourth anniversary, I am giving away Easy Chinese Recipes by Bee Yinn Low and The Ancient Art of Tea by Warren Peltier, courtesy of Tuttle Publishing Company. Three winners will be chosen to receive one copy of each book.

1) Easy Chinese Recipes by Bee Yinn Low. Bee is also a Southern California blogger ( This cookbook has a lot of easy-to-follow recipes and many tips for novices in making Chinese food.

2) The Ancient Art of Tea by Warren Peltier (Chinese name: 夏雲峰) Mr. Peltier is an expert on tea. He spent years in China studying the history and culture of tea. In the book, he will show you how to brew an amazing cup of tea. 

For more information on the books, click on the links.

Instructions for the giveaways:
1) Like my blog page on Facebook (skip if you already did)
2) Follow my blog either by directly subscribing or signing up for updates by email (skip if you already did)
3) Comment on this post (with your full name) on what you like about this blog.

Deadline for submission: 12/17/14 midnight PST

I will generate the results on and announce the winners on 12/18/14. There is no geographical limitation. The publisher will send the books to the winners worldwide.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for reviewing the cookbooks or holding this giveaway. The giveaway is courtesy of Tuttle Publishing Company.


  1. Phoebe, your blog has many professional looking pictures of your lovely creations. Of course, you show us how to cook too. More importantly, your sharing are genuine, so it is from You, not a robot. Alex Hui

  2. HI Phoebe,
    I love to search your blog whenever I have home party or pot luck party. Your recipes are very simple and easy to follow. 100% successful
    Pat Chan

  3. Happy Anniversary Phoebe! I love your blog because you inspired me to bake more for my family. Whenever you come to my local libraries, I always come and watch your demo. My daughter loves your pineapple bun, it's sooo delicious. More power to you!
    Joan Loong :D

  4. Hi Phoebe:
    I use your blog all the time for potluck.People always asked me, and your name is very famous.Keep up the good work.Happy 4th :)

    1. Appreciate your encouragement. May I have your name for the giveaway drawing?

  5. I was searching for Hongkong egg tart recipe when I discovered your blog. And have bookmarked most of the Cantonese recipes. I would like to see more dim sum or wonton noodle recipe please.

  6. would love a giveway of the rasa book! - christine

  7. Like your blog that has so many varieties and pictures.

  8. I like the way you explain how things work. It teaches me a lot about the rationale behind why we do things while cooking or baking


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