Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Great Year--2nd Anniversary 两週年慶

Do you have a dream? I would describe myself more as a down-to-earth person than a dreamer. Why? Maybe too many unfulfilled dreams or unattained goals? But we all know that having a goal or dream is important to press a person to go forward. Being a Christian, I believe in the sovereignty of the loving God over my life.

Looking back this year, there are things that happened in my life that I never dreamt of. Being an introvert and a low key person, I do not like being under the spotlight. If given a choice, I would prefer to be a listener than a speaker. I would never dream of myself doing a cooking demonstration in a public library. Days before the event, I tried to prepare myself, thinking the better prepared I was, the less nervous I would be. But no matter how well prepared I was, I was still very nervous. Ultimately, the performance was far from ideal....However, the demonstration was well received. The audience was very interested and this outcome was way better than I anticipated. And in the following months, five more libraries sent me invitations...I never dreamt something like this would happen!

Besides giving thanks to God, I would like to show appreciation to my readers and friends. Some are regular readers, some often leave uplifting comments, some give me encouragement personally, some show up in the library demos, and some sign up for my baking matter what format it is in, your support and encouragement are reasons to keep me going.

Preview for 2013: I will be doing different demonstrations in five more libraries (Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, San Dimas, Hacienda Heights and Rosemead). Want to know what I will be doing ? Stay tuned !

你有沒有夢想? 我自問是一個比較腳踏實地多於充滿夢想的人。點解?可能是以往有太多未完的夢或未能達成的目標? 但人往往是要有理想、目標才能夠有動力向前,不致於浪費光陰。但所謂謀事在人,成事在天,作為一個基督徒,我更相信愛我的上帝掌管我的生命路向。



預告:在新的一年我會在另外五個圖書館做不同的烹飪示範,想知道我會做什麼?敬請密切留意 !


  1. Hi Phoebe,
    I love your pictures.I am your fan. I baked one of your chestnut wheat with flax seed bread .It is so delicious and I bake it every week.It is better than store bought ,Home made always fresh.Totally agree with yiu


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