Sunday, December 29, 2013

Steamed Char Siu Bao 蠔皇叉燒包

Happy New Year to all my blog readers!

As this blog approaches its fourth year, I would like to start a new seriesThis is the first post on the dim sum series, with more to follow. Stay tuned.

Every time I go to a dim sum restaurant, char siu bao (BBQ pork bun) is one of my must-have dishes. Inside the white, fluffy, and sweet bao is char siu with oyster sauce. It is so easy to gobble one down in less than a minute. Believe it or not, I have been trying to make a decent char siu bao on and off for more than three years.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quail Egg Croquettes 鵪鶉蛋薯蓉球

What is a croquette? If you search it up online, you would get "a small cake or ball of minced meat, poultry, or fish or of rice, potato, often coated with beaten egg and bread crumbs and fried in deep fat." (

Its French root "croquer" means "to crunch". But since its French birth, there have been many many varieties from many many countries trying to give it a new twist. In this version, I attempted to bake it for a healthier version in comparison to deep frying it. My food critics at home gave them thumbs up. This is a great party and finger food.

See which version you like!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Herb, Garlic and Cheese Pull-Apart Bread using Tong Zhong 香草蒜味湯種麵包

Just by looking at the name of this bread, you can imagine how fragrant your kitchen will be while it is in the oven. This savory version of monkey bread is great to accompany a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner!

光是看到這麵包的名字你便可以想像到它所散發出的香味是多麼的吸引,這款咸味麵包肯定在聖誕大餐桌上大受歡迎 !

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuna Strudels 香脆吞那魚卷

What comes to your mind when you think of an appetizer ? Savory, finger food, easy to prepare, may be crunchy, etc? This appetizer fits all of the above. I use honey mustard as a sauce to make it really appetizing. All the ingredients are store bought, which made it exceptionally easy to make. Not counting the time the fillo sheets need to defrost, it only takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish. A great party or potluck choice !

Friday, November 1, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holidays--New Classes 又有新班啦

It's that time of the year again. Holiday parties, family reunions, office potlucks, gifts giving...etc. Are you ready ?

Instead of getting ready-made or store-bought foods, why don't you prepare something from you own kitchen, or better yet, something from your heart. I guarantee that it will be much appreciated.


Date: Dec 7 Saturday from 1 to 3pm

Location: Diamond Bar, California

This is a hands-on class and I will show you step by step how to make this delicious and crowd pleasing cookies. No experience required.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥--a brand new class

Date: January 8 Wednesday 10am-12pm

Location: Diamond Bar, California

Each class is limited between 3-8. To reserve your space, send email to:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wheel-Shaped Bread 車輪包

A recent trip to Hong Kong has brought back many memories....the place where I was born and raised has changed tremendously since my last visit there many many years ago.  The most noted change is the overwhelming dominance of jewelry, drug and cosmetic stores on major roads throughout the tiny city. It is reported that there are more than 37 jewelry stores in one segment on Nathan Road. It certainly reflects what drives the economy of Hong Kong.

Amid all these changes, I managed to find some familiar places in the neighborhood where I grew up--the old apartment and the kindergarten where I spent my childhood.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sourdough using All Natural Levain 天然酵母麵包

Warm summer days are good for eating ice cream, right? Besides making lychee ice cream, I also make good use of warm room temperature to cultivating levain (levain is a French word derived from Latin, meaning to rise). Making a levain culture from scratch takes a lot of time, care, and patience. If you plan to go away on vacation for a few days, do not begin the culture. It takes 5 days for the culture to mature before it is ready to be used. Even though it sounds a long time, but it takes only a few minutes each day to feed and maintain it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Library Demonstrations 更多圖書館示範

Below is the list for the upcoming free library demonstrations:

Oct 24 Thursday 6:30 pm Walnut Library : Egg Tart 蛋撻

Nov 9 Saturday 2 pm Rosemead Library : Snowy Moon Cake 冰皮月餅

Dec 10 Tuesday 6:30 pm Walnut Library: Bo Law Bao/Pineapple Bun 菠蘿包

Dec 14 Saturday 1pm Willowbrook Library : Bo Law Bao and Egg Tart 菠蘿包及蛋撻

Jan 18 Saturday 2 pm El Monte Library : Bo Law Bao (encore !) 菠蘿包 (再來一次)

Jan 25 Saturday 2 pm Rosemead Library : Wife Cake 老婆餅

Feb 1 Saturday 2 pm Bell Gardens Library : Wife Cake 老婆餅

Feb 8 Saturday 2 pm Duarte Library : Wife Cake 老婆餅

June 25 Wednesday 6:30 pm Sunkist Library : Wife Cake 老婆餅

Come back often to check updates.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lychee and Mango Snowy Moon Cake 茘枝及香芒冰皮月餅

These little moon cakes are like jewels. I am so tempted to keep them only as ornaments, but they are also so delicious...

This year I have successfully developed two new fruity flavors--lychee and mango. They are made with real fruit puree, without artificial flavoring or preservatives.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lychee Ice Cream 茘枝雪糕

There are so many summer fruits that are suitable for making desserts that I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to use... However, recently I came across frozen lychee puree in a restaurant supply store and could not resist buying some. Although it is quite expensive, this kind of ingredient is hard to find elsewhere.

Imported from France, the puree contains 91% lychee and 9% invert sugar. But what is invert sugar? Essentially it is table sugar sucrose (disaccharide) that has been heated with an acid, usually cream of tartar. It then breaks down into glucose and fructose (monosaccharide), which will remain in liquid form. Invert sugar is widely used in the world of bakery and confectionery. It improves texture and, as a natural preservative, helps to extend shelf life. It is great in making ice cream because it keeps crystallization under control and gives a smoother consistency. (Click here for more information)

Since lychee puree is low in pulp and high in water content, it needs to be cooked with the milk and cream for the extra water to evaporate. Otherwise, the ice cream will have an excess of ice crystals.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Free Library Demonstrations to Come 更多免費示範

I have been invited to do a new cooking demonstration in some county public libraries, coming late Summer and early Fall and just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Below is the schedule:

El Monte Library, 8/17/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

Hermosa Beach Library, 8/24/13 Saturday at 2pm: Bo Law Bao/Pineapple Buns AND Egg Tarts

Rowland Heights Library, 9/7/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

Walnut Library  10/24/13 Thursday at 6:30pm: Egg Tarts

Rosemead Library, 11/9/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

For those of you who may not be able to attend the free demos or would like to have more hands-on instruction, I also have small group classes. Click here for more details.

適逢中秋佳節,在這個人月兩團圓的日子,最好不過是親手做愛心又健康的冰皮月餅,無論送禮或自用都兩相宜。如有興趣, 機會來了:


8/17 星期六下午二時於El Monte Library艾蒙地市 圖書館

9/7星期六下午二時於Rowland Heights Library 羅蘭崗圖書館

11/9星期六下午二時於Rosemead Library 柔似蜜市圖書館


8/24星期六下午二時於Hermosa Beach Library 會有菠蘿包及蛋撻兩樣示範

10/24/12 星期四晚六時半於 Walnut Library 核桃市 圖書館,蛋撻示範

如果你不能出席以上示範,又或者你喜歡小班及有實踐經驗之課程,請點擊這裏 。

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lavender Sponge Cake 薰衣草海綿蛋糕

"Back to the basics" is what I feel best to describe this sponge cake. As one of the most versatile cakes, it can be used as a base for many other forms of cake desserts, such as mousse cake.

I was inspired and challenged by a friend of mine who is very passionate in baking. Her persistent in doing it right set an example for me. In order to master a recipe, she sets a record of baking more than 10 cakes in a week.

Relatively speaking, I do not have much experience in making sponge cake with whole egg method and this may actually be my very first post on it. Whole egg whipping method with no other kind of leavening means whether the cake is successful or not solely depends on the stability of the egg foam. The air that gets trapped inside the egg foam expands in the oven and helps make the cake light and spongy. It is a bit more tricky making this cake than chiffon cake but the result is very rewarding!

In this recipe I used dry lavender instead of the more common vanilla extract to give it a different aroma. It gives the cake a very subtle scent.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thin Crust Pizza 義大利薄餅

Learning is an endless pursuit. As I believed I have attained the basics of bread making, I found out that there is much more knowledge waiting for me to explore. Ken Forkish used the basic ingredients of bread as the title of his book: "Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast". He wrote that it is the manipulation of these simple ingredients that produces superb quality of bread or pizza. One of the keys is to use as little yeast as possible because too much will produce an off flavor. Another is to use low temperature to delay the rate of fermentation because it takes time for enzymatic reactions to take place. But your patience will be greatly rewarded because the product is more complex in flavor.  The pizza I made using this method proves that it is better than those from chain stores.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pandan Chiffon Cake 班蘭雪紡蛋糕

Don't be mistaken by the color of this cake. It is not from artificial coloring. It is from the chlorophyll of pandan. Pandan leaves are very popular in South East Asia. They are widely used in making rice, main dishes and desserts. It is best to use fresh leaves but here in North America, we have to settle for frozen ones.

It takes a little bit of planning in making this pandan chiffon cake, unless you prefer to use artificial pandan flavoring or canned pandan juice because it takes a few days for the pandan juice to settle so that the bitter liquid will be separated from the flavorful juice. (If you have access to a centrifuge, it will take a few minutes rather than a few days.) See notes on how to make the juice.

The aroma of this cake is unbelievable. The scent of pandan is very unique. It has a nick name: "vanilla of the East". I didn't use any frosting or garnishes on this cake because I do not want anything to mask its aroma and flavor. It is very good by itself!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cooking Classes Schedule Set 新班日期落實

This is the new class schedule for the Fall:

1)  Snowy Mooncake 冰皮月餅: August 31 Saturday (New fillings will be covered in this class, different from last year.)

2)  Chinese Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥: Sept 21 Saturday

3)  Super Soft Pai Bao 超軟排包: Oct 5 Saturday

4)  Japanese Light Cheesecake 日式海綿芝士蛋糕: Oct 19 Saturday

All classes are on Saturday afternoon starting at 1:30. Some take about 2 hours and some may be longer. A mold for making mooncake and pineapple cake is included for these two classes. Class size is between 4-8. First come first serve. For questions and reservation, email me at Once I confirm your registration, I'll send you my address.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Honeycomb Cake 蜂巢蛋糕

Do you believe looks are deceiving? I believe that we all have an experience of getting fooled by an object's appearance. Sometimes an unattractive look may hide something that is the opposite. It is so true to this cake. I did not find it very appealing at first sight, but as I cut across it and took a look, I was surprise to find the gem inside--a honeycomb-like appearance. The little holes are perfectly aligned to mimic the look of a honeycomb (just mimic, because a honeycomb is made up of hexagons, not circles).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Omega-3 Banana Muffins 超健康版香蕉蛋糕

By looking at the title of this post, you may wonder what this is all about. I was inspired by a recipe in a book called The Queen of Fats by Susan Allport. It is not a cookbook in any way. Its subtitle is "why omega-3s were removed from the Western diet and what we can do to replace them". By reading the subtitle I guess you can get an idea what the book is all about. I do not intend to do a book report here. If you are interested, you can check it out from the library. In short, omega-3 is the good fat that our body needs in order to function properly, especially our brain and eyes. Fish, walnut, flaxseed, fruit, vegetable, and so on are good sources of omega-3. But most of the processed foods in the market have had the omega-3 removed because it has a short shelf life. This is another reason to avoid processed foods in general.

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Cooking Classes Preview 新班預告篇

In the first half of this year, I have the honor to be invited by various public libraries in the San Gabriel Valley to conduct baking demonstrations. During these demos, there are numerous requests from the audience asking me to hold a more hands-on class. If you are one of them, there is good news for you.

Towards the end of Summer or in early Fall, I plan to have the following classes:

在今年的上半年,我很榮幸地被聖蓋博谷多間公共圖書館邀請,作多種烘焙示範,當中很多參加者都向我表示很有興趣參加能夠有實際參與的烘焙班,如果你是其中之一,我有好消息 !


1)  Snowy Mooncake 冰皮月餅

2)  Chinese Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥

3)  Super Soft Pai Bao  超軟排包

4)  Japanese Cotton Cheesecake  日式海綿芝士蛋糕

This is a tentative list. I welcome suggestions. All of the classes are held at my home in Diamond Bar, California. . A minimum of 4 students per class. If you have questions or are interested, please send me an email:

這是初步的構思,歡迎其他提議。所有的班都是在舍下舉行 (Diamond Bar), 每班四人開班。有問題或興趣參加,請致電郵給我:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 雙重朱古力曲奇

two versions of cocoa powder
What is your criteria for the perfect cookie? I like cookies that are crisp around the edges and chewy in the middle. If you also like this texture, then make sure you use brown sugar in the recipe. Your choice of sugar will affect the end result.

In making this double chocolate chunk cookies, I like to spice up the chocolate flavor by adding cocoa powder in addition to chocolate chunks. Instead of using the common natural cocoa powder (like Hershey's), I used the alkalized version which is milder, less bitter, darker and more intense in flavor. Cocoa powder is made by removing much of the cocoa butter from the chocolate liquor after the bean is fermented and roasted. The resulting powder is acidic in nature. The Dutch invented a method using alkalies to raise the pH, making it more soluble, less harsh and darker in color. Most European cookbooks and chefs prefer this type of cocoa powder. But here in America, the natural version is more common.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chestnut Cake Roll 栗子蛋糕卷

It's been a while since my last post on making cakes. I couldn't believe it's been that long--on July 16, 2012, the post on Match Mousse Cake was my last cake recipe. Almost a year has passed! Does it mean that I have not enjoyed having cake for the past 10 months? No way! It just means that there are other recipes or dishes that I would like to post more of. 

If you browse my recipe index, you would find 32 posts under the category of "cakes". That is quite a number. They are all my beloved cakes.

If you are a regular reader, you would notice that I am a chestnut lover. This is my 4th post relating to chestnuts already. Just like chocolate, I can't get enough of it. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Black Sesame Roll 香滑黑芝麻卷

Have you ever wished that time could be reversed? I were ten, twenty or thirty years younger, then I would have done this and that, or I would not have done this or that....

I missed having this treat for a fairly long time. It used to be a common dish in dim sum restaurants when I was little. But nowadays, it is very rarely available, especially here in America's dim sum restaurants. It's nicknamed the "roll of film" because it resembles the rolls of film once used in the old cameras from the last century.

If only time could be reversed, I could enjoy it once more.....

Now you don't have to go back in time. If you want to enjoy this treat again in this digital age, follow the recipe below.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce 全麥班戟配鮮士多啤梨醬

Ahhh... a cup of silky milk tea, a few whole wheat pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce and today's newspaper. This is my way to relax on a weekend morning.

Pancakes are one of those foods that are super simple and easy to make. It really cannot go wrong. It calls for the most basic ingredients that every family should have in their pantry. There is no excuse not to make it because you cannot find the ingredients in your local supermarket, nor does it require any special gadgets for assembly. Finally, this recipe is super healthy, using whole wheat, buttermilk, olive oil (another great way to use the whole wheat flour and buttermilk beside using them in 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Buttermilk.)Furthermore, instead of sugar-loaded syrup, it is paired with a sauce made with fresh fruits.  OK, let's go!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣湯

Sour is one of the four basic tastes (the other three are salty, sweet and bitter). In recent years, scientists have confirmed that there is another taste called umami (means delicious and taste in Japanese). It is described as savory and meaty and is produced by a common amino acid glutamate. Actually the discovery of this taste is not new. In 1909, a Japanese scientist called Ikeda had isolated a white compound from sea kelp. It is believed that this compound--glutamate/glutamic acid--gives savory and meaty flavor in food. It has been isolated by the food industry and is now commonly known as monosodium glutamate (MSG). Until recently in 2000, the receptor in our tongue for glutamate has been discovered. As a result, the fifth taste--umami--is formally confirmed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

100% Whole Wheat Bread with Buttermilk 百份百全麥麵包

Tong Zhong is a widely used method to make soft fluffy bread that has long shelf life. But it is not the only way. Today I share with you how to make healthy, fluffy 100% whole wheat bread that remains soft for more than 4 days.

Many people would like to incorporate more whole grain in their diet as recommended by nutritionists and health experts. But they do not like to have whole wheat bread mainly because of its texture. I admit that it is like chewing a piece of cardboard. Is there a way to make it more palatable?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What a Wonderful Trip ! 美妙之旅

Even though early Spring in Boston is still very chilly, I was greatly warmed up by a lot of friends, both old and new. I had a fantastic time reuniting with my college friends with whom I have not been in contact for over 20 years. It was such a special occasion for all of us to catch up with each other. To me, the most treasureable thing is we can still connect and open up to one another.

I also had a special opportunity to meet many new friends in these two baking classes. It means a lot to me to meet up face to face and bake with some of my blog readers and followers who are on the other side of the country. I will always be thrilled and excited to share with someone who also has the same interest and passion in baking.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Whole Wheat Bread with Chia Seeds 奇異籽全麥麵包

You should be familiar with chia seed if you are health-conscious or you follow health-related news. According to the newly published book called The Chia Seed Cookbook by Emily Morris, these tiny seeds can help you lose weight, balance blood sugar and prevent constipation. Adding them to your diet boosts healthy omega-3 oil and anti-oxidants in your body as well, and these are just a few of the health benefits they offer.

How can you incorporate chia seed to your day-to-day diet? Besides adding it to your bread, they can be incorporated into salads, soups and beverages as well (for details check out the cookbook mentioned above).

Friday, March 22, 2013

Curried Char Siu in Puff Pastry 咖哩叉燒酥

This post is written especially for those who like savory treats more than sweets. Knowing how to make pastries is a valuable skill. Just like other culinary techniques, once you master the knowledge and basics, there is no limit as to what you can make. It is amazing how versatile it is. Take this pastry as an example. You can put different stuffing to make a variety of treats. Add red bean paste and you will have red bean pastry; add sweetened winter melon then you will make wife cake. Or line a tart pan with it and put different fillings. There really are endless possibilities.
This time I put curried cha siu, next time I can put minced beef or chicken, and who knows what I can fill it with!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Steamed Baby Back Ribs with Plum Sauce 梅子蒸排骨

After making the Pearl Shrimp Balls, I somehow have an urge to make more dishes by steaming. My household loves meat, especially my two teenagers. They seem as if they could not function properly without having meat for a single day. In order to satisfy their appetites, I have to come up with different meat dishes. Steamed spareribs with black bean and garlic sauce is a common dish we often have, but today I tried to make it with a different sauce. This plum sauce adds complexity and depth to the taste and it goes perfectly with rice.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Super Soft and Silky Pai Bao 超軟排包

For some reasons, a lot of Asians prefer softer, silkier bread than the hearty and chewy European style. Just check out some of the bakeries in heavily Asian populated areas in Southern California and you will concur. It is a phenomenon for people to line up and wait patiently to get some freshly baked bread.  (I bet Atkin's low carb diet followers won't be there lining up ^_^) And many of them come out easily with a receipt of more than $20.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boston, Here I Come ! 波士頓之旅

In less than a month's time, I will be in Boston visiting family and friends. During my stay, I am invited to hold a baking class in Newton, a suburb about 20 miles west of Boston, on Saturday April 6  (hopefully the snow is melted by then). If you are interested and also in the neighborhood or would like to have more details, send me an email:

還有幾星期我會到波士頓探望親朋好友,同時也被邀請在四月六日星期六於牛津市舉行一個烘焙班 (希望那時已經融化),若果你就在附近及有興趣參加,請致電郵與我聯絡:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pearl Shrimp Balls 珍珠蝦丸

Here is another easy to fix dish that will bring something different to the dinner table. Not only is it easy to make, it is also considered to be relatively healthy because of the way it is cooked. Steaming has had a long history in Chinese cuisine while Westerners mostly utilize methods like baking, grilling and deep frying. By steaming, a lot of the nutrients are preserved without adding excessive oil or fat to the food. No wonder it is the preferred method of cooking for many people.

Some foods are good to look at but may not taste as good, while others are sinfully delicious but may not be appealing. This dish is not just attractive and delicious, but also simple to construct using a healthy method as well. I used shrimps in making this dish but other meat like minced pork or chicken can be a good substitute (steaming time has to be increased for pork and chicken). If you find pre-minced shrimp paste more convenient to use, go ahead and use it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stir-Fried Sweet Rice with Chinese Sausages 生炒糯米飯

Hot pot (shabu shabu) and clay pot rice are very popular during the winter. They can really warm you up on cold winter days. Besides these two common winter foods, sweet rice (also called sticky rice or glutinous rice) is also a common dish. Instead of using the normal method of cooking the sweet rice in a rice cooker, I steam it and rinse it under water so it is not too sticky. It is then stir-fried with Chinese sausage. These extra steps prove to be worthwhile and make this dish extraordinary! (some other recipes call for stir frying the rice right after soaking, but it takes forever for it to cook through this way and you will not able to lift your arm afterward !)

The amount of ingredients below is for your reference only. What is really important is how you prepare the rice.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Imitation Shark's Fin Soup 碗仔翅

Abalone, sea cucumber, shark's fin and fish maw are the four supreme delicacies of Chinese cuisine. No banquet is complete without at least one of the four. If all are served, it usually symbolizes how greatly the guests are honored by the host (or how wealthy the host is).

All four delicacies are seafood that have been carefully preserved by drying. They can be kept for a very long time and each of them requires a special method to prepare. Without proper preparation, it will be a waste of money. This is the main reason most people would rather enjoy it in restaurants than doing it at home and risking a mistake during the cooking process.

It has been over a year that shark's fin has been banned in California. But I find the imitation version of it is texturally very close to the real thing. It is consists of gelatin and resembles vermicelli (bean threads). Both the imitation and the real fin are tasteless. The soup gets its flavor mainly from other ingredients and the stock. It is a great alternative to the real fin and good for preserving marine ecosystems as well!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spiced Taro Cake 五香芋頭糕

The number one factor about this cake that appeals to me is its aroma. Someone said we eat with our eyes. But many times we eat with our nose as well. Before we can see the food, the aroma can lure us even though we are far away from it. This may be the reason when we have a cold and congestion, all food tastes bland. The sense of smell plays an important role in how we taste food.

The aroma from the five spice powder is unbelievable. The main ingredients of the five spices are powdered fennel, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and Szechuan peppercorns. It is amazing how these spices can greatly elevate the taste of a dish.

In addition to making turnip pudding for the Chinese New Year, it is a good idea to make something different this year.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Class Date Change and Addition

Please note that the macaron class has been rescheduled to 2/23/13 Saturday, 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Japanese Light Cheesecake has been changed to 3/9/13, 1:30-3:30pm

And a new class to make Bo Law Bao and Tong Zhong Toast has been added on 2/18/13 Monday, 1:30-4:30pm.

Send me an email if you want to sign up:

請注意: 馬卡龍班改了上課日期: 二月廿三日星期六 下午一時三十分至四時三十分。

日式輕芝士蛋糕改在三月九日, 下午一時三十分至三時三十分。



Friday, January 18, 2013

New Free Library Baking Demo 2013 全新免費烘焙示範

This year's Chinese Lunar New Year is on 2/10/13. In order to celebrate the year of Snake, a few Los Angeles County Libraries have invited me to do cooking demonstrations. I am delighted and privileged to be a part in promoting Chinese culture in the area. Below is a list of the libraries, date and time, and the cooking subject. Click on the library name for its address and direction. Hope to see you there !
今年二月十日是農曆新年,洛杉磯縣圖書館為了慶祝蛇年的來臨,特别邀請我在幾所圖書館作烹飪示範,我很高興及榮幸可以為提升中國文化出一點綿力。以下是各圖書館的名單、日期及時間、示範項目,地址及詳情可點擊圖書館名稱,希望到時可以見到你 !

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Portuguese Curried Shrimp with Rice 葡式咖哩蝦飯

Seafood is one of my favorite foods, especially shrimp and lobster. Gone are the good old days I spent in Boston when lobster was on sale for $2.99/pound or even less! I could have a few lobsters in a meal.

This is the first time I try to make a curried shrimp with rice dish. Instead of using water to steam the rice, the rice is cooked with shrimp broth. It makes the rice exceptionally flavorful and unique.

It is relatively easy to make and I think your family would want to try it as well, especially during winter time.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 New Baking Classes 新年有新班

This is a short video shot from one of my classes last year. Thanks to my dear friend May who recorded and edited it for me :) Enjoy!

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