Monday, May 2, 2011

Red Bean Pastry 紅豆酥

If you like red bean and flaky pastry, you will love this little Chinese pastry. Just like other Chinese pastries (e.g. egg tart and wife cake), it involves a "water dough" and a "oil dough" to produce the tender and flaky layers. Once you master the technique, the sky is the limit. There are a lot of variations for the filling: taro, date, pumpkin, lotus seed paste, etc. Salted egg yolks are often put in for a richer flavor. For a savory taste, curry beef or pork or char siu are used. It is a very versatile tool.

Makes 18-20


"oil dough"
163g cake flour
100g unsalted butter

"water dough"
58g bread flour
140g cake flour
47g powdered sugar
70g water
58g unsalted butter

470g red bean paste

black sesame seeds

1)  Make the water dough first by mixing all the ingredients into a ball. Cover with wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.
2)  Make the oil dough by mixing all the ingredients into a ball and let it rest as well.
3)  Divide the balls separately into 18-20 balls.

4)  Flatten a water ball and use it to wrap a oil ball and seal the opening. Let the sealed side down and finish with the rest of the balls.

5)  Use a rolling pin to flatten a ball gently into an elongated shape and roll it up. Do the same with the rest of the balls. Cover.

6)  Divide the red bean paste into equal number of balls as the dough.
7)  Repeat step 5. Let them rest for 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 400 F.

8)  Flatten a ball to round shape and wrap a red bean paste ball and let the sealed end down. Do the same with the rest.
9)  Brush each ball with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top.

10)  Bake at 400 F for 20-25 minutes until golden.





163g 低筋麵粉
100g 無鹽牛油

58g 高筋麵粉
140g 低筋麵粉
47g 糖粉
70g 水
58g 無鹽牛油

470g 紅豆蓉


1)  先做水皮:將所有材料攪勻成麵糰,蓋保鮮紙,靜待15分鐘。
2)  做油皮:將所有材料攪勻成麵糰,蓋保鮮紙,靜待15分鐘。
3)  將水皮糰及油皮糰分別分成18-20個小球,取一個水皮球,包一個油皮球,收口朝下,蓋保鮮紙,用同樣做法將餘下粉糰包好。
4)  用捍麵棍小心,輕手將每個小粉糰捍長,向下捲起,蓋保鮮紙,鬆弛15分鐘。
5)  將紅豆茸分成18-20份。預熱焗爐至400 F。
6)  再將已鬆弛粉糰捍長,向下捲起,蓋保鮮紙,再鬆弛15分鐘。
7)  將鬆弛好的粉糰捍成圓片,包入紅豆餡,接口朝下排入烤盤,掃上蛋黄液,再沾上黑芝麻,入爐焗約20-25分鐘至金黄色便可。

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