Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turnip Pudding 臘味蘿蔔糕

This is the season for turnip and various squash. This recipe for turnip pudding has been my favorite for over 20 years...( I started early in the kitchen, when I was 13) The texture is just right, not too mushy, not too hard. You can eat it right after steaming or cut out a thick slice and fry it in a pan. My picky eaters at home do not eat other turnip dishes but they can finish this in no time.

Turnip Pudding

make two 9.5 x 2 inches round dish


3 lb turnip
1 lb rice flour
4 cups water (including juice from cooking turnip)
Dried black mushrooms
Chinese sausages
Dried shrimps


2 tsp salt
1 tsp chicken powder
2 tsp sugar

1)  Soak dried mushrooms in water for a few hours to soften. Squeeze out excess water and dice. Soak dried shrimps. Drain and set aside. Dice Chinese sausages. Set aside.
2)  Peel turnip and shred into thin strips.

3)  Heat a wok with a few teaspoons of oil. Saute the diced mushrooms, sausages and shrimps for a few minutes. Take out and set aside.

4)  Cook the turnip for 5 minutes and add seasonings.

5)  Spoon out the turnip juice in a measuring cup and add enough water to 4 cups.

this turnip gave me about a cup of juice
add water to the juice to 4 cups
 6)  Put rice flour in a large bowl. Add the 4 cups of liquid and mix until well blended.

7)  Add the turnip and mushrooms, sausages and shrimp and mix well.

8)  Scope the mixture evenly to the two dishes and steam for 40-50 minutes.


1)  Try to pick turnip that feels heavy. If one turnip weighs 3 lb or more, it should be a fresh and juicy one.
2)  "Flying Horse" is the brand I use for rice flour.
3)  Adjust the cooking time accordingly if different size pans are used.

Click here for the updated recipe.








1)  浸軟東菇、蝦米,東菇切粒,備用。臘腸切粒,備用。
2)  蘿蔔去皮,切絲。
3)  起鑊下油爆香臘腸,蝦米及東菇,略炒片刻,盛起待用。
4)  煮蘿蔔,下調味,下蓋煮幾分鐘。用量杯盛起蘿蔔出的水。
5)  將蘿蔔水加開水至四杯,放在大碗內,加粘米粉攪勻,加入蘿蔔及臘味,平均放入二圓盤內,大火蒸約四十至五十分鐘至熟。


1)  蘿蔔要揀重手的才是新鮮多汁的好蘿蔔,如一個蘿蔔有三磅重應該是好的。
2)  粘米粉是rice flour, 我用飛馬牌flying horse.
3)  如選用不同尺寸的盤,要自行調節蒸的時間。



  1. Hi Phoebe, thanks for sharing this recipe. I tried it but it didn't harden and the end result is very watery :(
    Next time I will cut the water from 4 cups to 1 cup and see how it will turn out...

  2. Did you include the juice after cooking the turnip ? If you used 4 cup of water AND the juice, then it would be too much. But if you use 1 cup, it will be way too little. Try maybe 3 cups.

  3. I did use 1 cup turnip juice + 3 cups water to make up the 4 cups liquid. OK, I will try maybe 3 cups this weekend. Can't wait :) Thanks Phoebe.

  4. Oh, what about the rice flour ? One bag is one pound. Did you use all of it ? and what about the steaming time? My dish is shallow, about 2 inches deep only. If you use a deeper pan/dish, make sure you steam it longer.That's all I can think of. Hope it work out this time !

  5. I tried again today and it turned out very good! But I did cut the liquid down to 3 cups. Thanks for your blog and recipes, you have inspired me to start baking :) Happy New Year!

  6. Not only do you have the passion to cook yummy food, Phoebe, you also have the tender heart to care for a friend who doesn’t know how to cook and have no time to explore new dishes. Thanks for your detail demo on your turnip pudding. I can surprise my family on Chinese New Year… I like it pan-fried. It’s yummy…

  7. Hi Phoebe

    I made 6 pans of the turnip pudding for CNY! Thanks for the awesome recipe.

    I used white daikon instead of the green.

    I used 2 cups of daikon juice and 2 cups of water.

    I realize I might need to use more daikon (more than 3lbs) so there is more daikon/turnip flavor.

    I used my own seasoning ingredients - added 1 tsp of soy sauce.

    Thank you!


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