Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wife Cake 老婆餅

Kung Hey Fat Choi ! Good Wishes to all of You in the Year of Rabbit !!

Traditional food to celebrate Chinese New Year involves a lot of deep frying. Since I seldom do any deep frying at home, I'll stick to baking for the new year.
There are many stories about the origin of this pastry. But whatever it was, the inventor was very creative. Like other kinds of traditional pastries, it is loaded with lard. I'm so glad that there are many versions nowadays that use other forms of oil/fat which produces comparable results.
Sweetened winter melon is the original filling for wife cakes. They are widely available now during Chinese New Year.

make 12 (3 inches in diameter) cakes

"Water" dough
150g /1 2/3 cup cake flour
30g /2.5 tbsp sugar
30g /2.5 tbsp vegetable shortening, preferably Spectrum, non-hydrogenated
80g/0.3 cup water

"Oil" dough
100g / 1 cup cake flour
80g /6.5 tbsp vegetable shortening, preferably Spectrum, non-hydrogenated

30g/4-5 pieces sweetened winter melon slices, diced
60g / 1/3 cup sugar
10g / 1 tbsp sesame seeds
20g / 4 tbsp coconut shreds
55g / 1/3 cup cooked glutinous flour
25g / 2 tbsp vegetable oil
65g / 0.25 cup water

1)  Make the water dough by mixing the flour, shortening and water together into a smooth ball. Cover and rest for 1 hour.
2)  Make the oil dough by mixing the flour and shortening into a ball. Cover and rest for 1 hour as well.

3)  Make the filling by rinsing the melon slices, drying with paper towels and cutting into small pieces. Then mix all the ingredients together and divide into 12 balls. Set aside.
4)  Divide the two doughs into 12 equal balls each.
5)  Flatten a ball of water dough and wrap it around a ball of oil dough. Roll out gently to an oval shape and roll it up. Do the same for the rest of the balls.

6)  Flatten the dough and put the filling ball in and wrap it up. Gently flatten it and use a fork to carefully poke holes for steam to release.

7)  Brush with beaten egg and bake in a preheated 410 F oven for 10 minutes, then lower it to 350 F for another 10 minutes or until golden brown.


1)  If sweetened winter melon is not available in your area, it is ok to omit it. 
2)  The shortening I use is non-hydrogenated, a more healthier version than Crisco. It is available in Henry's Market (now it is called Sprouts) or other specialty food stores.
3)  If the cooked glutinous flour is not available, make your own by cooking some in a pan (without any oil), stirring often until it is slightly yellow or brown.
4)  Be careful when rolling out the dough. Try not to let the oil dough to break out from the water dough.
5) Don't forget to poke holes, otherwise it will puff up in the oven like a ball.





我曾經做過的食譜是用糖、牛油及糯米粉做餡料,口感不及傳统的用糖冬瓜的好,現在農曆新年期間,中式糖果到處都有,正好買些糖冬瓜做老婆餅 !


150g / 1 2/3 杯 低筋麵粉
20g / 1.5湯匙 糖
30g / 2.5湯匙 固體菜油
80g /0.3杯 水

100g /1杯 低筋麵粉
80g / 6.5湯匙 固體菜油

30g  糖冬瓜
60g / 0.3杯 糖
10g / 1湯匙 白芝麻
20g / 4湯匙 椰絲
55g / 0.3杯 糕粉
25g / 2湯匙 菜油
65g / 約四份一杯 水

1)  分別將水皮及油皮搓成光滑粉糰,用保鮮紙蓋着,靜待一小時。
2)  將糖冬瓜清洗一下,用刀切碎,加入其他材料,攪勻,分十二份。
3)  將水皮及油皮各分成十二份,壓平水皮,包起油皮成球狀,再壓平捍成長條形,輕輕卷起。
4)  將粉糰壓平捍成圓形,包入餡料,再輕輕壓扁,用叉輕插小孔。
5)  掃上蛋液,放入已預熱410F焗爐,焗10分鐘,將爐温降至350F, 再焗10分鐘至金黄色。


1)  如沒有糖冬瓜,可以不落,但口感會稍差。
2)  我用的固體菜油是有機及沒有氫化的植物油,比較健康。
3)  如找不到熟糕粉,可以自已用白鑊抄熟糯米粉至微黄色便可。
4)  捍麵糰時要小心,盡量不要讓油皮爆出來。
5)  謹記用叉插孔,否則焗後會變成一個球狀。


  1. This is such a neat treat. I've never heard of these before, but they sound really good. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog called "Sweets for a Saturday" and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your cakes up.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I linked my post up already but not sure how to put a link back to your post ?


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