Monday, January 15, 2018

Sous Vide Rib Eye Steak 真空低溫牛扒

I am a believer after trying this sous vide method to cook steak. It is never overcooked and dry, I think this is the best way to cook an expensive cut of meat. Although it may take more time to do it, your patience will be greatly rewarded. The active working time is so minimal that I can literally walk away after setting it up.

Sous vide is not new (French meaning "under vacuum"). It has been a well-known French cooking method for hundreds of years. By submerging food that has been vacuum packed in a constant temperature over time, no moisture is lost and the whole piece of meat/food is consistently cooked to perfection.

Season the meat with salt, pepper and the herbs of your choice (rosemary, thyme are a good choice).Vacuum packed it. Alternatively a simple water displacement method can be used to let the air out.

You will need a pot which can provide constant temperature. I use the Instant Pot Ultra.

For medium steak, set the temperature to 140F. Depends on the thickness of the meat, it needs to be cook anywhere from 1-4 hours. Mine are 2 inches thick. I cooked them for 3 hours at 140F.

Blot dry the meat and sear in a hot pan for 30 seconds each side. Serve immediately.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 絲襪奶茶

I am a tea drinker. A cup of tea in the morning, to me, is the same as coffee for other people. It really wakes me up and gets me ready for my day!
I grew up in Hong Kong, where this kind of milk tea originated. I love milk tea for its rich aroma and creamy smoothness. I have been using tea bags and three-in-one "tea". But nothing compares to a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon milk tea.

Different kinds of black tea leaves are mixed to formulate the right color and aroma of the perfect HK milk tea. There are different types and grades of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) black tea. By using a different ratio, a unique taste is formulated.

The following are the main kinds that are used:

Broken orange pekoe (BOP) for aroma
Broken orange pekoe fanning (BOPF) gives the right color
Dust—very fine tea leaves—for both color and taste and also to balance the texture of the tea.

1) Fill one tall teapot with 2.5 liter water and bring to a boil.
2) Put 100g/1 cup of blended tea leaves into the tea bag filter and place in an empty teapot.
3) Pour the boiling water into the pot with tea leaves. Boil the tea leaves for 10 minutes and then remove from heat.

4) Pour the tea between the two pots back and forth four times. This will help to bring out the aroma and aerate it, resulting in smoother and silkier tea. Remove the bag of tea leaves from the pot and discard.

5) Reheat the tea until it boils.
6) For an 8oz/250g cup, add about 2.5oz/⅓ cup/83g evaporated milk. Pour the hot tea in. Add sugar.
Serve hot.

Note: for a smaller batch, use a smaller teapot. Simplified version for one cup: use 12g/1.5tbsp tea leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes. Filter out the tea leaves. Pour into a cup with ⅓ evaporated milk. Add sugar and enjoy.






1) 用一隻茶壺燒水,水滾後把水倒進另一隻茶壺之茶袋裏,煲十分鐘至出味。
2) 把茶袋拿起,放進另一隻茶壺裏,把茶再倒進去。如是者來回撞茶四次。此舉目的是希望用動力把茶的餘韻撞出來,並把空氣帶進茶裡,令紅茶口感更滑。
3) 再將已撞完的茶加熱。
4) 預先在茶杯裏加入室温或暖淡奶(份量是三份一奶,三份二茶),然後倒入茶,落糖即成。

12g/1½ 湯匙 茶葉
83ml/ 淡奶

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2018 Library Cooking Demonstration

Next year marks my seventh year of doing cooking program in Los Angeles County Libraries since 2012. Throughout the years, I have been invited to 36 different libraries in the greater LA area. Some libraries have invited me multiple times. Total attendance is over 2500!


If you live in the area and would like to attend, check out the schedule below. For more information, visit LA county library, search under "events". The list will be updated as I get more invitations for the year.

下面是我今年的行程,請到洛縣圖書館網站 瀏覽更詳細資料如各圖書館地址、時間等。


Jan 13
Saturday 10:30am
W. Hollywood
Street Foods of Hong Kong: 
egg waffle 雞蛋仔
Jan 27
Saturday 3pm
in Los Angeles
Goldfish Nian Gao
Jan 29
Monday 5pm
Los Nietos
in Whittier

Street Foods of Hong Kong:
 egg waffle & curry fish balls
Jan 31
Wednesday 6pm
in Pico Rivera
Goldfish Nian Gao
Feb 3
Saturday 2pm

Street Foods of Hong Kong: 
vegetarian lo mei, banana flavored roll
Feb 10
Saturday 3pm

San Dimas
Street Foods of Hong Kong
pork jerky & egg waffle
Feb 17
Saturday 2pm
La Canada Flintridge
BBQ pork & Pineapple Bun
Feb 24
Saturday 2pm

Clifton M. Brakensiek
in Bellflower
BBQ pork & Pineapple Bun
March 17
Saturday  2pm

March 24
Saturday 1pm
Angelo M. Iacoboni
in Lakewood

Anthony Quinn
in Los Angeles

BBQ pork & Egg Waffle

BBQ pork, Pineapple Bun & Milk Tea
April 7
Saturday 3pm
Hermosa Beach
Street Foods of Hong Kong:
Steamed rice cake, Vegetarian lo mei
May 19
Saturday 2pm
El Camino Real
in Los Angeles
BBQ pork, Pineapple Bun & Milk Tea
May 21
Monday 6pm
Pico Rivera
Street Foods of Hong Kong: 
egg waffle 雞蛋仔
May 26
Saturday 2pm

June 16
Saturday 1pm


BBQ pork & Pineapple Bun

Street Foods of Hong Kong:
Steamed rice cake, Vegetarian lo mei


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Steam Egg with Ginger 薑汁燉蛋

This is one of my favorite classic Chinese desserts. Sweet, smooth, silky steamed egg with ginger is nutritious and satisfying especially in winter cold months. It can be made with milk for an even smoother texture. But if you are lactose intolerant, like me, you can use water. Sugar can be substituted with other sweeteners if you have diabetic concerns as well.



Ingredients for four ramekins:
4 large eggs
40g sugar
125g water or whole milk
3-5 tbsp ginger juice, freshly grated

1) Whisk eggs briefly, about 1 minute.
2) Grate ginger and squeeze out 3-5 tbsp juice, depends on how spicy you prefer. Add to the egg mixture.
3) Dissolve sugar in water and mix with the egg. Strain the mixture through a sieve.
4) Pour into the ramekins or whatever vessel you'll be using. Cover with plastic wrap for steaming.
5) Steam with medium heat for 10-15 minutes with the lid ajar.

6) Take the bowls out when the egg is set. Do not oversteam. Serve warm, at room temperature, or cold.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Hong Kong Milk Tea and Bo Law Bao program update

A limited number of tea filters and blended tea leaves will be available for purchase following the program. First come first served.

Date: 12/2/2017
Time: 2pm
Location: Norwood Library in El Monte, California

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Steamed Rice with Dried Seafood and Cured Meat 海味三寶臘味飯

The daily temperature in Southern California finally falls to the comfortable 70's F. It means hot pot and clay pot rice time! Clay pot rice with Chinese sausages is very common and popular but with the addition of dried shrimps, silver fishes and squid make the rice much more aromatic than with sausages and cured duck leg alone.

No clay pot? Not a problem. You can make this delicious meal using a regular rice cooker as well (just without the crunchy rice on the bottom).

It is a very easy to make dish and I don't think you need to have a "recipe" for it. Just make your regular rice, either in a rice cooker or clay pot, as soon as the water has been absorbed, lay the sausages, dried squid (soak and diced), dried shrimps and silver fishes on top. Cover and cook for another 10 minutes under medium/low heat, or until the rice cooker automatically finishes cooking. Then let it rest for another ten minutes before serving.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christmas Dessert Classes 聖誕假日甜品班

I am pleased to announce that there will be two hands-on dessert classes to be held in December at in Diamond Bar, California. Details as follows:

1) Tiramisu and HK style milk tea
Date: 12/3/2017 Sunday
Time: 2-5pm
Location: Diamond Bar, CA
Fee: $50
Class size: 3-6 students

2) Mille Crepes 
Date: 12/9/2017 Saturday
Time: 1-4pm
Location: Diamond Bar, CA
Fee: $50
Class size: 3-6 students

Both desserts do not involve any baking and I will show you step by step so you can make these yummy desserts for the holidays. Class fee includes all ingredients, recipe and a take home product.
Info and register:

Friday, October 6, 2017

New Cooking Demonstration Program: HK Style Milk Tea 絲襪奶茶+菠蘿包

I am very excited to announce that my new program Hong Kong Style Milk Tea will debut in December 2nd 2pm at Norwood Library in the city of El Monte. Not only will I show you how to make silky milk tea, I will also demonstrate the making of Pineapple Buns from scratch. The pair is a staple in cafes throughout Hong Kong and here in Southern California. They are enjoyed not just in the everyday lives of many people, they are also in the list of intangible cultural heritage by the Hong Kong government.

The program and sampling is free to all but seating is limited on a first come, first serve basis. 
There is more than one county library in El Monte. Please make sure you go to the right one : ) 
Click here to find out more details.


我會在十二月二日下午兩點在 El Monte 之 Norwood Library 向大家示範做法,讓大家在美國都可以延續這些非物質文化遺產。

示範節目費用、試食全免,但座位有限,先到先得。El Monte 市有幾個公共圖書館,請不要去錯,地址及詳情請點擊這裏 。

Friday, September 15, 2017

Custard Mooncake Class 奶黃月餅班

Custard mooncake class is back by popular demand. 

Date: 9/23, 2:30-4:30pm in Diamond bar, California. 

Fee $50, include all the ingredients, one set of mold and a box of six cakes to take home.

Email to if you are interested. Class limited to 6 people.

日期:9月23, 2:30-4:30pm. 
地點:Diamond bar, California.
費用$50, 包所有材料,一套月餅模,一盒六個月餅。如有興趣,請盡快給我電郵:。只收六個學生。

Friday, September 1, 2017

Walnut and Date Tartlet 合桃棗蓉撻

This is a great finger food for parties because it involves minimal preparation. All the ingredients are store bought--date paste, puff pastries, and walnuts. I call it semi-homemade. The date paste is made with 100% dates, no sugar added, so it is naturally sweet. It is very convenient to use and work with and can be found in Mediterranean/Middle Eastern or international grocery stores. Puff pastries are also available in the frozen section of most American grocery stores. I always keep some in my freezer. The spices in this recipe--nutmeg and cardamom--are best whole, and freshly ground right before being used.

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