Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Free Library Demonstrations to Come 更多免費示範

I have been invited to do a new cooking demonstration in some county public libraries, coming late Summer and early Fall and just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Below is the schedule:

El Monte Library, 8/17/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

Hermosa Beach Library, 8/24/13 Saturday at 2pm: Bo Law Bao/Pineapple Buns AND Egg Tarts

Rowland Heights Library, 9/7/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

Walnut Library  10/24/13 Thursday at 6:30pm: Egg Tarts

Rosemead Library, 11/9/13 Saturday at 2pm: Snowy Moon Cakes

For those of you who may not be able to attend the free demos or would like to have more hands-on instruction, I also have small group classes. Click here for more details.

適逢中秋佳節,在這個人月兩團圓的日子,最好不過是親手做愛心又健康的冰皮月餅,無論送禮或自用都兩相宜。如有興趣, 機會來了:


8/17 星期六下午二時於El Monte Library艾蒙地市 圖書館

9/7星期六下午二時於Rowland Heights Library 羅蘭崗圖書館

11/9星期六下午二時於Rosemead Library 柔似蜜市圖書館


8/24星期六下午二時於Hermosa Beach Library 會有菠蘿包及蛋撻兩樣示範

10/24/12 星期四晚六時半於 Walnut Library 核桃市 圖書館,蛋撻示範

如果你不能出席以上示範,又或者你喜歡小班及有實踐經驗之課程,請點擊這裏 。


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