Saturday, January 28, 2012

QQ Korean Bread 韓國麵包

According to the census, California is one of the states which has the largest population of Asians in the country. Besides Chinese people, there is a large population of Koreans in Los Angeles. Here in Diamond Bar, Korean restaurants and grocery stores are very popular as well. My kids are very fond of Korean cuisine such as Korean BBQ ribs and tofu pots. My girl even studies Korean as a foreign language at high school. The wall of her room is filled with the posters of her favorite band "Infinite".

There is a type of Korean bread that I like which is a bit chewy. Recently I was in Korean town near downtown Los Angeles. I found the bread mix that is used to make that kind of bread. I could not wait to try it. The instruction on the box is all in Korean but I am so glad that my daughter can help me translate it.

It's very easy to make. You don't necessarily need a stand mixer to knead the dough, and there's no long wait for it to rise (no yeast), not even resting time in between.

It's crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside. What makes this type of Korean bread apart from others is that it has soy sauce powder as one of the ingredients. It gives the bread a hint of savory taste.

From start to finish, it only takes about 45 minutes. It is perfect for a quick breakfast.

Ingredients to make about 14 balls
1 egg
70ml/cup water
1 pack Korean bread mix, 250g

1)  Preheat oven to 350°F.
2)  Mix all the ingredients together and knead until it forms a ball.
3)  Divide the balls into 14 balls and place them evenly apart on a baking sheet.

4)  Spray water onto the balls.
5)  Bake for 30-35 mins until they are slightly brown.


加州是全國亞裔人口最多的地方之一,除了有很多中國人之外,韓國人也佔很大部份。就像在我所住的社區,就有很多韓國餐廳及超市,我家的年輕人就特別鐘情韓式燒烤、豆腐煲等,我的女兒在中學更選修韓語,房內也掛滿韓國歌星的海報,韓風吹得很勁呀! 而我就喜歡他們的一款很有口感的麵包,耐何不知道食譜。





1)  預熱焗爐至350°F。
2)  將所有材料搓勻,再分成十四份。
3)  滚圓成球狀,放上焗盤。
4)  向麵團平均地噴水,放入焗爐焗約30-35分鐘至微金黄色便成。


  1. Hi Phoebe,
    Is it the texture just like Italian restaurant's bread? I definitely will find bread mix in Boston.

  2. how much is the package? Priscilla

    1. It is around 3-4 dollars a box.One box has two packs.

  3. Does this recipe also apply to the Baeksul brand of QQ bread?

    1. I am not familiar with that brand. I have tried another brand call Tous les Jours. They should have similar ingredients but do read the instruction on the box. The amount of liquid and egg to be added may be different.

  4. Would using soy milk instead of milk make a difference?

    ~Thank you!

    1. It should not. You can even use water if you prefer.

  5. I am going to Korea soon, will definitely keep my eyes on this. I had this bread once at RT, it is so good.


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