Friday, August 26, 2011

More Snowy Moon Cakes 冰皮月餅(二)

Yes, the moon cakes are so popular that there are suggestions to make different flavors and fillings. This time I tried out different colors of the skin to match the filling inside. Also, I tried to be innovative by putting chocolate ganache in the center of the filling--"a filling inside a filling"--just like the traditional moon cake with a yolk inside the lotus seed paste filling.

For the skin recipe, click here. I added about 2 tsp green tea powder for the green skin and 2 tsp cocoa powder to make the brown skin. For the purple yam, steam it until it is soft, which takes about 20 minutes. Peel the skin and smash it with a fork. Just follow the recipe for the taro filling in previous post.

Click here for ordering the dispensable moon cake mold.


自從上星期做了一次冰皮後,今次嘗試不同餡料及做不同顏色的皮。我更放入巧克力做內餡,好似傳统月餅的咸蛋黄一樣,效果不錯啊 !


怎樣購買月餅模?點擊這裏 。


  1. Hi Phoebe, I made the snowy moon cakes The result came out excellent.I tried to mix 2 different color of skin.It came out very cute and special.Everyone thanked for the texture and the sweet was so prefect.It was so fun to make it.Thank you for the mold you gave me.

  2. This recipe is very good. This season I have made close to 200 pieces already. Now I manage to use less skin than the filling.

  3. Where did you find those molds? They are beautiful!

    1. Thank you. I got mine online. They are mostly made in China and there are a few bakery stores in Hong Kong that take oversea orders. This is one of them:


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