Friday, March 20, 2015

Chestnut Tartlet 小栗子撻

These bite sized mini tarts are perfect to be served at a party without the hassle and mess of cutting a whole tart. Many people seem to enjoy finger foods more! The tart crust can be prepared one to two days ahead of time and the filling can be piped in the same day of serving.

這款嬌小栗子撻人見人愛,是 party 或 potluck 的首選甜品小食,一口一件。撻底又可以預早一、兩日前準備,餡料便在即日唧上便可,方便、快捷。

Ingredients for 23 min tarts or a 9 inch round tart (Pâte Sucrée):
84g unsalted butter, softened 室溫牛油
⅛ tsp salt 鹽
56g powdered sugar 糖粉
20g almond flour 杏仁粉
1 tsp vanilla extract 雲呢哪香油
32g whole egg 全蛋液
158g cake flour, sifted 低筋粉

1) Cream butter and salt using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment for 1 minute.
2) Scrape down the sides and add powdered sugar. Combine at low speed and scrape the sides.
3) Add almond flour and vanilla and combine at low speed.
4) Add the egg and a quarter of the flour. Combine at low speed.
5) Add the remaining flour and mix until just combined. Do not over mix.
6) Wrap the dough with plastic wrap and shape into a block, about half an inch thick. Refrigerate overnight or at least 2-3 hours.
7) Remove the dough from the refrigerator and gently roll it into a quarter inch thick. Cut out the dough with a round cookie cutter and fit into the molds. Use a fork to poke holes.

8) Refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight.
9) Pre-bake in a preheated 325F oven for 15-20 minutes or until slightly brown. Let them cool completely.

1) 牛油與鹽用機攪打約一分鐘。
2) 加糖粉用低速再打至均勻。
3) 加杏仁粉及雲呢哪香油,攪勻。
4) 加蛋液及四份一麵粉,用低速攪拌。
5) 再將餘下麵粉加入,攪勻至沒有見到乾粉便可,不要再攪,以免起筋。
6) 用保鮮紙將麵團包好,壓扁到約半吋厚,放雪櫃過夜或至少數小時至硬身。
7) 將雪過的麵團幹至約四份一吋薄,用圓型切模器切出後放上撻模內,用叉刺上小孔,放雪櫃至少一小時或過夜。
8) 預熱焗爐至325度,焗約十五至廿分鐘至金黃色。

Chestnut Filling: 栗子餡料
one 435g/15oz can chestnut puree, unsweetened 罐裝栗子茸,無糖
100g sugar 糖
354g heavy cream 鮮奶油
1 tsp pure vanilla extract 雲呢哪香油

1) Beat heavy cream with sugar until it holds soft peaks. Add vanilla. Mix well.
2) Strain chestnut puree to remove hard pieces.
3) Mix the puree with the cream until smooth.
4) Put a piping tip with small holes (# 234) in a piping bag. Fill with the puree and pipe onto the cool tart and garnish with a chestnut. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

1) 鮮奶油加糖打至六成硬身。加雲呢哪香油,攪勻。
2) 栗子茸過篩,加入已打好之奶油,攪勻。
3) 唧咀(#234)放入唧花袋,放入栗子茸,唧好後可放上完粒栗子裝飾,放雪櫃至食用。

1) Almond flour can be substituted with equal weight of cake flour. But it will add more flavor to the crust.
2) The dough crust can be frozen for a long time.
3) The crust can be kept at room temperature for up to three days after pre-baking.
4) Straining the puree before piping helps to remove large pieces of chestnut that may clog the small holes in the piping tip.
5) This dessert can be made diabetic-friendly by using artificial sweetener in making the filling.

1) 杏仁粉可用同等重量之低筋粉代替,但加了杏仁, 撻底比較香。
2) 麵團做好可以長期雪藏。
3) 撻底焗好後可在室溫放兩、三日。
4) 栗子茸過篩後可以防止阻塞唧咀。
5) 如有須要,餡料的糖可以用代糖替代。


  1. Hi Phoebe, I can"t wait to try it. Where do I find the chestnut puree?

    1. Hi Pat,
      It can be found in baking and restaurant supply stores, Whole Food, and other specialty food stores.


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