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Chocolate Almond Cake 香濃朱古力杏仁蛋糕

How can I describe this cake? It's moist and light. It melts in your mouth and is full of chocolate flavor. The addition of almond gives it a nutty flavor, and the cake isn't too sweet....in one word: delightful!

The original name of this cake is called Queen of Sheba. The recipe is one of the renowned chef Julia Child's. But unfortunately I forgot which cookbook it was published in. : (

I did make some adjustments, not to the ingredients, but as to how they are put together.

Buy the best chocolate you can get your hands on as it is the major ingredient and it does make a big difference to the quality of the cake.

這款蛋糕是出自已故名廚Julia  Child其中一本食譜,甜度適中,入口鬆軟,除了有香濃朱古力味道外又有杏仁的香,令人一試難忘。

Ingredients for an 8 inch round cake: 做一個八寸蛋糕的材料

85g/3oz 60% dark/bittersweet chocolate 黑朱古力
28g/1oz unsweetened chocolate 無糖朱古力
2 tbsp coffee 咖啡
113g/1 stick unsalted butter, softened 室溫無鹽牛油
100g sugar 糖
3 large egg yolks 蛋黃

3 large egg whites 蛋白
½ tsp cream of tartar 他他粉
2 tbsp sugar 糖
pinch of salt 小許鹽

30g almond flour 杏仁粉
¼ tsp almond extract 杏仁香油
50g cake flour 低筋粉

1)  Preheat oven to 325F. Grease the bottom and sides of an 8 inch pan. Place parchment paper on the bottom and dust flour on the sides in addition to the grease.
2)  Melt chocolate in a microwave for 20-30 second intervals, stirring in between each. Alternatively you can use a water bath or double boiler to melt it.
3)  Prepare coffee by dissolving 1 tsp of instant coffee with a cup of hot water. Let it cool to room temperature.
4)  Cream butter and sugar together until soft and fluffy, about 3 minutes with a stand mixer. Scrape down the sides and bottom.
5)  Add the yolks and beat until blended, about a minute.
6)  Add 2 tbsp coffee and mix until incorporated.
7)  In another clean bowl, beat egg whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks form.
8)  Add 2 tbsp sugar and continue to beat until stiff peaks form.
9)  Blend the melted chocolate into the yolk and butter mixture.
10)  Add almond flour and almond extract and mix well.
11)  Scoop a quarter of the stiff meringue into the chocolate to lighten the mixture.
12)  Add the cake flour and fold.
13)  Fold in the rest of the egg white.
14)  Pour into the prepared pan and level the batter. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Cool on a rack for 10 minutes. Take the cake out by inverting the cake onto a plate. Continue to cool by re-inverting it on a rack with the top side up.

1) Almond flour is ground blanched almond. You can use store bought or use a food processor to ground your own.
2) It is more convenience to use chocolate which is in chip form.

1) 預熱焗爐至325度。焗盤塗油,放上焗爐紙,灑上薄薄麵粉備用。
2) 朱古力放入微波爐加熱至溶。
3) 咖啡用熱水開好,待涼。
4) 牛油加糖打約三分鐘至幼滑。刮邊及底部。
5) 加入蛋黃再打至溶合,加咖啡,攪勻。
6) 在另一清潔大碗內加蛋白及他他粉打幾分鐘,再加兩湯匙糖打至硬身。
7) 朱古力溶液加入蛋黃混合物內攪勻,加入杏仁粉及杏仁香油,攪勻。
8) 將約四分一蛋白加入攪勻,再加入低筋粉輕手拌勻。最後加入其餘蛋白拌勻。
9) 倒入焗盤,拌平後放入焗爐,焗廿五至三十分鐘,放架上待涼十分鐘,然後反轉倒在盤子上,再放架上待涼。

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  1. These are amazing!!!! Everyone that has tried loves them.
    Would they turn out the same with GF flour? Thanks.

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