Friday, November 16, 2012

Food Additives 人造色香味

"Plasticiser", "black water", "science bread" may not know about these terms but you may have consumed them without even knowing it. They might well be "legitimate" to be added to the food we buy and consumed. But our body is designed and built to eat real food, not food additives, in order to function normally. The advancement of modern science is breaking new grounds every day. New technology is no doubt creating a brighter future for our next generation. Food science helps prolong the shelf life of many foods so that in this global market, we can enjoy them from around the world. Food additives enhance the texture, color, taste and shelf life of many processed foods. Technology even can create fake food that tastes, looks and smells exactly like real food.

In this video produced by RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong), food additives that are commonly used in making drinks, breads and soy sauce in Hong Kong are investigated. I believe they are not only used in Hong Kong but throughout the international food industry. Plasticiser and clouding agents in tapioca milk tea, dough improvers and conditioners in bread, black water to make fake wheat bread, hydrogenated shortening loaded with trans fat to replace butter, carcinogen (1-Chloro-3-hydroxypropane) to shorten the fermentation in making soy sauce from 100 days to 1 sounds so scary!

Knowledge is power and being ignorant can sometimes cost not just money but our precious health.

The video is in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles.




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  1. Hi
    it is better to eat all the food make by myself.Thanks Phoebe to send the tape to alert me


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