Monday, July 18, 2011

New Name 新名稱

Passion Baker is now More Than Bread. After much thought and suggestions from friends and family, I have decided to change the name of this blog to a shorter and catchier name. As the new name implies, this blog is more than bread. I started to take the challenge of making bao law bao and then evolved to baking cakes and more. Baking is still my passion but I would like to explore other culinary territories as well.

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經過很多朋友及家人的建議,我決定將這個網誌的名稱由Passion Baker改為More Than Bread。這個網誌雖然由焗菠蘿包開始,但是絕對不只焗麵包咁簡單,更有其他糕餅、甜品、小食及各式中西美食。我希望除了烘焙之外,可以與大家分享更多烹飪經驗與心得。


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