Friday, July 15, 2011

Chinese Steamed Cake 缽仔糕

Chinese Steamed Cake

This is another snack commonly offered by Hong Kong street vendors besides the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle. This one also brings back a lot of my childhood memories. I have been searching the internet for the right recipe and found this one. This steamed cake is much more easier to make than the waffle because it does not require any special tools or gadgets, but the proportion of different flours to water is crucial in producing the right texture. Otherwise, it's so easy to make!

Makes 7-8 little cakes, depending on the size of the bowl

100g/ cups rice flour
22g/ 2 tbsp wheat starch
10g/ 1 tbsp water chestnut flour
95g/ about 1 piece brown cane sugar blocks
300g/ 1¼ cups water (to make syrup)
125g/ ½ cup water (to mix with the flours)
red beans

1)  Cook red beans until soft. Drain and set aside.
2)  Add cane sugar to 300g/ 1¼ cups water and cook until dissolved.
3)  Mix the flour with 125g/ ½ cup water until blended. Slowly add in the syrup from above and mix well.
4)  Put into the bowls and add the red beans. Steam for 15-20 minutes. Use a skewer as a stick and release the cake from the dish.


1)  I used canned red bean. It saves a lot of time. Make sure to get the kind in kernels, not red bean in paste form. I prefer this brand of red bean because it has way less sugar (less than 4g of sugar per tablespoon) than others.

2)  Granulated sugar can be used instead of brown cane sugar. The cake will then be white instead of the traditional brown color. If you like coconut, the water can be substituted with unsweetened coconut milk to make syrup.
3)  It is best to serve the next day. Wrap it tightly at room temperature for up to 3 days. Avoid refrigeration because the texture changes.
4)  No need to oil the bowl. It would release easily with a knife or skewer running around the edge of the cake.



可做7-8個 (視乎用的碗仔大細)

100g/ 三分之二杯   粘米粉
22g/ 二湯匙  澄麵
10g/ 一湯匙  馬蹄粉
95g/ 約一片  蔗片糖
300g/ 一又四分之一杯  水(煮糖水)
125g/ 半杯  水(開粉)

1)  用適量水煮紅豆至軟身,備用。
2)  片糖加一又四分一杯水煮至糖溶。
3)  用半杯水與各種粉混和,糖水慢慢加入攪勻。
4)  把粉漿倒入小碗內,加入紅豆,大火蒸約15-20分鐘,用竹籤取出。


1)  如用礶頭紅豆會比較方便,但購買時要注意,要買一粒粒那種,不是紅豆沙(paste)那種。我比較喜歡這個牌子的紅豆,因它每湯匙只有四克糖份,比起其他市面上的牌子是最低。

2)  如喜歡白色的缽仔糕,可用沙糖或冰糖代替片糖。如喜歡椰子口味,可以用無加糖份的椰奶代替水做糖水。
3)  我覺得隔一日食口感比即日食好。室温用保鮮紙包好可存三日左右,避免放雪柜。
4)  小碗不須塗油,只要用小刀或竹籤輕手挑出便成。

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