Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tiramisu 提拉米蘇

It is time to count our blessings. This year I am very thankful to God for giving me the ability and determination to launch this blog. For those who know me, I'm not a computer person. I use it mainly to send emails, Google once in a while and check out what my friends are up to on Facebook. For me to be able to set up this blog is a real BIG STEP. It doesn't mean that I'm an expert now.

I still don't know why my pictures are small but the files are big, that kind of stuff. I tried to use some of my own pictures to set up as the background, but found it to be too complicated. (Maybe some of you would help me ?!)

Anyway, cooking is way easier for me. For this tiramisu, I used a chocolate cake instead of the traditional lady fingers. I do not have a mousse ring so I made the cake using a spring form pan and also in assembling the cake.

 make a 9 inch cake

one 8 inch chocolate cake, cut into 2 layers
1 package of mascarpone or cream cheese (226g), room temperature
295g heavy whipping cream, cold
97g milk
97g sugar
2 egg yolks
7g gelatin leaf or 2 tsp/1 envelope powder
1/2 tsp expresso powder dissolve in 30g hot water, let it cool to room temperature
6 tbsp coffee liquor
unsweetened cocoa powder

cream cheese, coffee liquor and expresso
1)  Bake an 8 inch chocolate cake and layer into 2 pieces. Brush with the espresso. Set aside.

2)  Beat egg yolks with half the sugar. Add milk and heat on a double boiler to 165F to temper the yolk. Let it cool to room temperature.

5)  In another bowl, beat the mascarpone or cream cheese until creamy, about 1 minute.

6)  Combine the cream cheese with the cooled yolk mixture. Add the coffee liquor.

7)  Soak the gelatin leaf in cold water. Drain and melt in hot water bath until it melts. Let it cool to room temperature.

melt gelatin in a water bath
it takes about a minute to melt
8)  Beat heavy cream with the rest of sugar until soft peaks formed

9)  Combine the cheese/yolk mixture with gelatin and whipped cream. Stir to blend.

 10)  Cake assembly: lay down one piece of cake onto the spring form pan, pour about half to 2/3 of the cheese mixture on it until it covers the cake. Layer the second piece of cake on top and pour in the rest of the mixture and smooth it out.

11)  Refrigerate for at least 4 hours to set. Dust with cocoa powder on top.


1)  Leave the cream cheese out at room temperature for at least a few hours to soften.
2)  Egg yolk is tempered by heating to 165F.
3)  If gelatin powder is used, soften it by sprinkling on 60g of water. Then dissolve it in a pot of hot water bath. Or use microwave oven.
4)  Before removing the pan, wrapping a hot towel around it will help loosen it.



  1. looks nice with the fancy rim plastic. i made a horrible looking sweet potato pie. it tasted mushy. oh first time making a pie!

  2. Ben got it for me when he was in HK. Don't get despair ! Keep trying.

  3. Hey,
    I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe I really appreciate it! I never use gelatin leaf before is it the same way as using gelatin sheets? I was wondering how do you measure 13g gelatin leaf? If the gelatin leaf is 3g per leaf do you use 4 + 1/2 leafs to get 13g. Do you multiply 3g and 5 leafs to get 15g?

    Thanks =)

    1. Yes, gelatin leaf is the same as sheet. It is not as common as the powder in America. I got mine from Hong Kong but you can get it online. I find it easier to use than powder. The way to measure the amount is the way you described. Usually the weight of each sheet is printed on the package.

    2. Hey Phoebe,
      Thank you so much for answering my questions I appreciate it!
      I have another question that I would like to ask you if the gelatin sheets is 10g per sheets and the recipe call for 4g or any number of grams how do you measure that? Do you cut the gelatin sheets into smaller portions? If you do cut the gelatin sheets how do you get 4g?

      Thanks :)

  4. If you want to be precise, you can line a ruler next to the sheet and cut out the amount in proportion to the amount you need.

    1. Hi Phoebe,
      If you line a ruler next to the sheet how do you cut out the amount in proportion to the amount you need. How do you cut the gelatin sheets to get the right number of grams that the recipe ask for? When you cut the gelatin sheets in portions do you weigh it on a digital scale to get the right number of grams? I was wondering how do you convert sheet gelatin to powdered gelatin? In your recipe it call for 13g gelatin leaf how do you convert it to 1tbsp powder gelatin? If the gelatin leaf call for any number of grams like 1,2,3, etc how do you covert it to powered?

  5. Use the ruler to measure and cut out ten even pieces from the 10g gelatin sheet. Since then you have 10 1g pieces, take 4 pieces for 4g, or however many you need as the recipe calls for. Also, you don't convert sheet gelatin to powdered gelatin. If you have sheet gelatin at home and you need powdered gelatin, go out and buy powdered gelatin from the store. What I meant by 13g gelatin leaf/1tbsp of powdered gelatin is that 13g of gelatin leaf is equivalent to 1tbsp of powdered gelatin.

    1. What I meant is if a recipe only ask for sheets gelatin and you cant find sheet gelatin but you can only find power gelatin how do you substitute powdered gelatin in place of the gelatin sheets/leafs? If a recipe call for any number of grams like 1,2,3,4 ect of sheets gelatin how do you substitute it to powered gelatin? How do you know 13g gelatin leaf is equivalent to 1tbsp of powdered gelatin and how do you substitute 13g gelatin sheet to 1tbsp of powered gelatin?

    2. like Phoebe said, 1 tbsp of powdered gelatin is the same as 13 grams of gelatin leaf. so if you have gelatin leaf, the box should say how many grams each leaf is. for example, one gelatin leaf is 8 grams and the recipe calls for 2 tbsp powdered gelatin. since 1 tbsp of powdered gelatin is the same as 13 grams of gelatin leaf, 2 tbsp is equal to 26 grams of gelatin leaf. to get 26 grams of gelatin leaf, take 3 1/4 gelatin leaves. i know this from google bruh there's this wonderful thing called the internet which you're using right now


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