Friday, December 29, 2017

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 絲襪奶茶

I am a tea drinker. A cup of tea in the morning, to me, is the same as coffee for other people. It really wakes me up and gets me ready for my day!
I grew up in Hong Kong, where this kind of milk tea originated. I love milk tea for its rich aroma and creamy smoothness. I have been using tea bags and three-in-one "tea". But nothing compares to a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon milk tea.

Different kinds of black tea leaves are mixed to formulate the right color and aroma of the perfect HK milk tea. There are different types and grades of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) black tea. By using a different ratio, a unique taste is formulated.

The following are the main kinds that are used:

Broken orange pekoe (BOP) for aroma
Broken orange pekoe fanning (BOPF) gives the right color
Dust—very fine tea leaves—for both color and taste and also to balance the texture of the tea.

1) Fill one tall teapot with 2.5 liter water and bring to a boil.
2) Put 100g/1 cup of blended tea leaves into the tea bag filter and place in an empty teapot.
3) Pour the boiling water into the pot with tea leaves. Boil the tea leaves for 10 minutes and then remove from heat.

4) Pour the tea between the two pots back and forth four times. This will help to bring out the aroma and aerate it, resulting in smoother and silkier tea. Remove the bag of tea leaves from the pot and discard.

5) Reheat the tea until it boils.
6) For an 8oz/250g cup, add about 2.5oz/⅓ cup/83g evaporated milk. Pour the hot tea in. Add sugar.
Serve hot.

Note: for a smaller batch, use a smaller teapot. Simplified version for one cup: use 12g/1.5tbsp tea leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes. Filter out the tea leaves. Pour into a cup with ⅓ evaporated milk. Add sugar and enjoy.






1) 用一隻茶壺燒水,水滾後把水倒進另一隻茶壺之茶袋裏,煲十分鐘至出味。
2) 把茶袋拿起,放進另一隻茶壺裏,把茶再倒進去。如是者來回撞茶四次。此舉目的是希望用動力把茶的餘韻撞出來,並把空氣帶進茶裡,令紅茶口感更滑。
3) 再將已撞完的茶加熱。
4) 預先在茶杯裏加入室温或暖淡奶(份量是三份一奶,三份二茶),然後倒入茶,落糖即成。

12g/1½ 湯匙 茶葉
83ml/ 淡奶

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