Thursday, June 23, 2016

Handmade Steamed Rice Roll 布拉腸粉

What should be the quality of a good rice roll? Silky smooth, thin, soft and warm. And don't forget the dipping sauce. Some like plain soy sauce while others like a combination of soy sauce, hoisin sauce and sesame paste and some like to add hot, spicy sauce as well. A good rice roll, well combined sauce and a sprinkle of roasted sesame are a match made in heaven!

No matter what you prefer, it is a breakfast staple for many Chinese around the world. It is also a common and popular street food in Hong Kong. In dim sum restaurant, there are a variety of rice roll available: shrimp, minced beef and char siu. Many people also like the one wrap with Chinese fried bread stick (aka: Chinese donut)



炸兩的典故: 話說上個世紀四十年代,廣州一間茶樓的點心師傅為了食客可以花一個價錢可以食到腸粉及油炸鬼,便靈機一動,用腸粉包著油炸鬼做成點心。結果因外皮滑溜,餡料香脆而大受歡迎,並流傳至香港。炸兩是由兩條腸粉包著一孖油炸鬼而成,為了迎合不同口胃的食客,用一條腸粉包一條油炸鬼的 "炸一" 也應運而生。(資料來源:香港地道小食:煎、炸焗系列,中華廚藝學院出版)

Ingredients to make about 8 rice rolls:

200g/1¼ cup rice flour 粘米粉
12g/1 tbsp water chestnut flour 馬蹄粉
12g/1.5 tbsp wheat starch 澄麵
12g/1.5 tbsp cornstarch 粟米粉
12g/1.5 tbsp potato starch 薯仔澱粉
25g/2 tbsp vegetable oil 菜油
757/3¼ cup water 水
spring onion, diced 蔥花
dry shrimps, soaked 浸軟蝦米

Dipping sauce 醬汁:
2 tbsp soy sauce 生抽
1 tsp dark soy sauce 老抽
1 tsp fish sauce 魚露
1 tbsp sugar 糖
4 tbsp water 水

1) Mix all the flour in a large mixing bowl.
2) Add a third of the water, about one cup. Mix thoroughly with a whisk.
3) Add the oil and mix vigorously until it is absorbed by the batter.
4) Add the remaining water.
5) Prepare a steamer and line it with a wet white cloth.
6) When the water boils, ladle enough batter until it covers the steamer. Sprinkle spring onions and shrimps on top, if using. Steam for 3-5 minutes.

7) Remove the cloth from the steamer and lay it, upside down, on an oiled tray. Remove the cloth carefully. Roll up the rice noodle.
8) Continue with the rest of the batter.

1) Potato starch is different from potato flour. Make sure you use the starch, not flour.
2) Use cotton fabric without lint for lining the steamer. Always use the same side.

1) 將所有粉類放大碗內。
2) 加入三份一之水,約一杯,攪拌成粉漿。
3) 加油,大力攪至完全被吸收。
4) 再加餘下之水。
5) 準備蒸籠及蒸布。
6) 水滾後放濕了的布在蒸籠內,放入適量粉漿,撒上蔥花和蝦米,上蓋蒸約三分鐘。取出小心揭開布,卷起成腸粉。

1) 粉漿用的薯仔澱粉有異於薯粉或其他叫生粉的粉,認明英文名稱才不會買錯。
2) 蒸腸粉白布可用任何質地,沒有"毛毛"的便行。每次要用布的同一面。

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