Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mooncake Fever 中秋節快樂

cute cartoon characters

more custard mooncakes

snowy mooncakes

new flavor is developed this year: pineapple fillings

Taiwanese mooncake 綠豆椪

Individual packed

orders ready to send out!


  1. You are on a roll! Keep it up, Phoebe.

  2. Moon cake were delivered fast and it was very fresh and yummy. I love the custard moon cake which is rich and not so sweet. It is a love gift to send to your friends to celebrate Autumn Moon Festival .

  3. I ordered a box. The mooncakes are fresh and delicious. The new pineapple flavor is yummy. I enjoy the 冰皮 so much that I want it to be thicker. ��

  4. I ordered custard and green bean moon cakes one box each, they arrived in 48 hrs. My family likes custard better. We also received a complementary pineapple tarts from Phoebe and guess what they were just delicious and sweet in the heart! 👍👍

  5. We had half dozen send to us from CA to VA, 3000 miles later it is still fresh and delicious. The outside is not super sweet and inside stuff just melt in your mouth!!! Mmmmmm good combination of flavors

  6. We actually had one dozen !! It's so good my 2 teenagers and my hubby actually fighting to try every flavor... So good. Thank You !!👍✌️

  7. I received pineapple cake and green bean pastry today. Very fresh and not too sweet. I like them so much! I will order more.


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