Saturday, August 23, 2014

Godiva's Chocolate Mooncake 朱古力月餅

The Mid Autumn Festival or August Moon Festival is the second most celebrated holiday in Chinese culture. If you live in an area highly populated with Chinese people, there will be some sort of celebration around this time of the year. This holiday, to the Chinese, is like Thanksgiving to Americans; the first thing that pops up in your head when it is mentioned is, most likely, food.

In my childhood, moon cakes with lotus seed paste was the norm. I remember my parents used to participate in a moon cake program hosted by the local bakeries. Every month they would make a payment and by the time the festival came, they could redeem a certain amount of moon cakes. It worked like a savings program so the customers did not have to come up with a large amount of money to buy boxes of moon cakes for gifting.

Those were the old days when the economy in Asia was bad. But nowadays, Asia's economic success is undeniable. More and more world companies are eyeing this untapped industry. Luxury handbags, watches, automobiles, and wine, are status symbols, but when it comes to the Mid Autumn Festival, those with buying power will not be satisfied with just an ordinary-looking moon cake.

The Belgian chocolatier giant Godiva is one of those companies that are buying in on this opportunity. This limited edition chocolate box of moon cakes is especially crafted with Asian flavors, like ginger spiced mandarin orange mousse, goji berry mousse, and green tea infused chocolate ganache. I especially like the grapefruit black tea one--inside the black tea infused dark chocolate, there is a layer of crunchy grapefruit mousse with hints of lemongrass and vanilla. It provides different textures and at the same time incorporates some bold flavors.

For those chocoholics out there, there is now one more delicious way to celebrate the festival!

(The chocolate moon cakes are complimentary from Godiva. I am not compensated for writing this post.)







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  1. Hi Phoebe,
    l like old fashion moon cake as well as snowly moon cake.
    Godiva make moon cake and I think it worth to try


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