Thursday, March 8, 2012

Green Tea Cake Roll 綠茶蛋卷

Going green is a global trend. It is not just good for the environment but it is also good for our health. There is increasing evidence that drinking green tea is beneficial to our bodies. Green tea is also helpful in weight loss as well. (Click here for more information) No wonder the Japanese, who are heavy green tea drinkers, are generally slimmer and look younger than other ethnic groups.

I bought a bag of green tea powder/matcha powder from an Asian grocery store but it does not have any flavor or color. Then, I recently bought a different bottle from a Japanese store. Although it is expensive ($10/ounce), its flavor is very intense and the color is much more vivid than the other one from the grocery store. Sometimes, it is a waste of money to buy imitations. :(

By the way, happy St. Patrick's Day !!
Ingredients for a 9x11 inch pan

4 egg whites
3 egg yolks
65g sugar
50ml water
40ml vegetable oil
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
80g cake flour
1 tsp corn starch
2 tsp matcha green tea powder, dissolved in 20 ml hot water

Brushing syrup
10g sugar
20ml water

150ml heavy whipping cream
14g sugar
kiwis or strawberries (optional)

Please refer to the dragon cake roll for detailed instructions.


潮流興環保,所謂綠色運動。環保你我都有份,綠色不單對環境有益,對我們的身體健康更是相得益彰。飲茶有益健康,最近很多研究 都指出飲茶的好處多多,而綠茶更有減肥及防衰老的功效,怪不得普遍日本人都比其他國家的人苗條及看起來年輕。


食譜請參考彩龍蛋卷 (將二茶匙綠茶粉加兩湯匙熱水攪勻,與蛋槳混合便可)


  1. HiPhoebe,
    I like the poker dots and looks yummy.

  2. Yes, Pat. It is velvety and soft. You should try it some time.


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