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Taiwanese Moon Cake 綠豆椪


我住在加州羅省雖然超過廿年,但因為身邊的朋友大部份是廣東人,所以我還未有機會嘗試過台式月餅,直至最近有朋友送來一些 (thank you, Michelle)。我咬上一口後便十分喜歡,鬆軟的酥皮內包着軟滑香甜的綠豆茸,綠豆茸內又有些咸的肉鬆,甜中帶些少咸,口中有着不同的感覺,實在妙極 !

臨近中秋佳節,除了做冰皮月餅外,做多一款月餅應吓節又何防! 自製月餅,當然會踢走豬油,用有機無氫化的白油啦 !!


中筋麵粉  83g
白油  28g
水  36g

低筋麵粉  58g
白油  24g

綠豆沙  200g
肉鬆  4 茶匙或適量

1)  將水皮及油皮材料放入二個碗內,分別揉成均勻而柔軟的麵糰,蓋好保鮮紙,鬆弛五至十分鐘。
2)  將綠豆沙分成50g一團, 包入一茶匙肉鬆,小心包好。
3)  將水皮及油皮分成四份,水皮約36g,油皮約20g。


4)  重覆一次,再鬆弛。

5)  輕輕壓扁,擀成圓形,中間比邊厚一點,包入餡,揑緊,再輕手壓扁。

6)  放入已預熱至350F焗爐,焗約三十分鐘。


1)  綠豆沙做法:將無皮已開邊的綠豆加水煮至軟透,倒去水不要,綠豆放入鑊中加適量油及糖炒至水乾,成泥便成。
2)  綠豆椪入焗前不用塗蛋液,及小心免烤上色,正宗的綠豆椪是雪白色的。據說『椪』是『凸』的意思。


Taiwanese Moon Cake

I've never tried any Taiwanese moon cake until recently. A friend of mine gave me some, and after the first bite, I fell in love with it. Hidden in the mung bean paste, there are dried pork shreds, and all of it is wrapped under a flaky skin. I know it is supposed to be a sweet pastry, but Taiwanese people seem to like savory and sweet mixed together. Since the Chinese Mid-August Festival is around the corner, why not make another variety of moon cakes to accompany the snowy ones! Again, by making it at home, I can substitute the lard with organic non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening for a healthy treat!!

Ingredients to make 4 cakes:

"water" dough:
83g unbleached all purpose flour
28g vegetable shortening
36g water

"oil" dough:
58g cake flour
24g vegetable shortening

200g mung bean paste
4 tsp shredded pork, cooked

1)  Mix the ingredients for the oil and water doughs separately in 2 different bowls. Knead lightly until they form balls. Cover and let them relax for 5-10 minutes.
2)  Divide the mung bean paste into 4 parts, 50g each. Put about 1 tsp of shredded pork into each ball and wrap it up.
3)  Divide the dough into 4 parts each, about 36g each for the water dough and 20g each for the oil dough.
4)  Place a ball of oil dough inside a flattened water dough and seal. Flatten it again and roll it to an elongated shape about 4 inches long with a rolling pin. Gently roll up the dough and let it relax for 5-10 minutes. Repeat with the rest.
5)  Repeat the flattening and rolling one more time.
6)  Place a ball of the bean paste into a flattened disc of dough and seal.
7)  Gently push the ball down with the palm of your hand to a disc.
8)  Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 30 minutes.

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