Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dessert and Cake Class 蛋糕甜品班


Dessert and Cake Class

As temperature drops and the air becomes crispy clear, we know it is the change of season. Fall is already here and before we know it, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays will be here in no time. It also means that family gatherings and party celebrations will fill our calendar. Do you want to impress your friends or guests with a homemade dessert this year ? Mark down on your calendar the following dates (or iPhone/iPad).

春去秋來, 轉眼又是秋高氣爽的日子, 跟着感恩節、聖誕節及新年便接踵而至, 在這些喜慶節日, 一家人或和朋友歡聚是少不了的, 在享用完一頓美食後怎少得了一道甜點呢今年你是否希望為你的親朋好友親手做一款愛心甜點或蛋糕呢機會來了, 請在你的記事簿(or iPhone/iPad) 上寫上以下日期.

This time I will offer a few classes to fit different interests and skill levels:

1)  Basic Chiffon Cake and Cupcake Class: this class will cover the basic techniques in making a cake such as how to properly beat egg, fold batter, cream butter and sugar, etc.

Date: 10/22/11 Saturday 1-4pm

chiffon cake

2)  Tiramisu and Souffle: what is the secret for making a dramatic rise in a souffle ? how to make a creamy tiramisu that is filled with coffee and liquor flavor ?

Date: 10/29 Saturday 1-3pm

strawberry souffle
mango souffle

3)  Japanese light Cheesecake and Lava Cake: this extremely light cheesecake is so velvety that it will just melt in your mouth. Instead of getting a lava cake from a five star hotel or restaurant, I will show you how to make it easily at home to "wow" your family and guests.

Date: 11/12/11 Saturday 1-4pm

chocolate lave cake

Class size: minimum 3, maximum 6 per class

Note: Weekday morning class available upon request

Send me an email to reserve your spot:

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