Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whole Wheat Pizza with Flaxseed

A few years ago, before I start playing with yeast, I went to my son’s friend's birthday party. One of the party foods served was pizza, not ordered but homemade pizza. I remembered my first reaction was, "wow, you made pizza!!" The mom responded,"it is not that difficult to make." I did not believe her…until I made my own. And now I understand why there are so many pizza parlors/take outs. Easy to make and most people just save the hassle by picking up the phone to order it. But by making it on my own, I can put anything, I mean anything, on it. I’ve tried putting some leftover roast duck meat and BBQ pork on it. Kind of like fusion food, Chinese and Italian.

Instead of using all white flour, I substitute 1/3 with whole wheat flour and 2 tbsp whole flaxseed meal in it. It gave the crust a nice nutty flavor. Those are the little spots you see on the dough.

It is not perfectly round...well, who cares ?

Then put on some tomato sauce, which I made from scratch.

 Next are the toppings. This one has mushrooms and sausages.

Now comes the cheese. This is a blend of shredded monterey jack, medium cheddar, queso quesadilla and asadero cheese.

It is ready to go to the oven. After about 8 mins, it is done!

This is the second one with pepperoni and mushroom.

幾年前我參加一個生日派對, 是我兒子的朋友仔的, 當日其中一種食物是pizza, 但不是在外邊買的, 而是他的媽媽做的。我記得我當時的反應是: ! pizza也識做啊!! 她說:pizza不是那麼難做啊。我當時也半信半疑直至我自己做, 才明白到為何pizza店開到成街都是。多數人都是貪方便, 打一個電話, 等半個鐘便有得食。但是如果自己動手親自做, 不單有成功感, 更可以自由創作, 我試過用燒鴨肉及叉燒做, 效果不錯啊, 『中意』食品啊! 這兩個是我們昨晚的晚餐。

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown


  1. Looks good..and you got it to translate in Chinese!

  2. I like the idea DIY and it is healthy


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