Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot Dog Bun with Tong Zhong 腸仔包

According to a statistic, Los Angeles is the top hot dog comsuming city in America. During the peak season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) a total of 7 billion hot dogs are consumed. The number is amazing. My household obviously is way under average in terms of hot dog consumption. We try to avoid processed food as a whole. But nowadays there are beef franks that are made without nitrates or nitrites (Oscar Mayer). Sounds good, right?

These hot dog buns are made with whole wheat flour with ground flaxseed using Tong Zhong method.
For the bread dough recipe, click here.

After the first rise, divide about 50-60g of the dough for each bun. For shaping, either roll the dough to a rope and wrap around a hot dog; or roll the dough out in a rectanglar shape and wrap up the whole dog.
Let it rise a second time until it almost double in size. Brush with egg wash and bake in a preheated 350F oven for 20 minutes.


跟據一項统計,羅省是全美食熱狗最多的城市,由國傷紀念日至勞工節期間,全國總共食去七十億條熱狗,這個數目簡直是驚人。我的家庭食熱狗的數目可謂小之又小,我們對於加工食品是敬而遠之,少食為妙。但有一個品牌(Oscar Mayer)的熱狗現在推出沒有防腐劑的,間中食一吓又無防!

我做的麵包食譜是全麥湯種,再加了亞麻籽,保證健康有益 !


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