Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mango Mochi 香芒糯米糍

This is a continuation of the mango madness... We love mango so much that every time we buy mango, we buy a whole box, which has 16 fruits. There are a lot of ways to enjoy mango. Mango mochi is one of them.

Basically mango mochi is simply made by steaming glutinous rice flour batter and then wrapping the mango with it. But for this recipe, I incorporated mango puree as a filling in addition to the mango pieces. The result is more mango flavor as you bite into the mochi.

 But by including the puree as a filling, it is more challenging to wrap because the puree is not as solid as the mango. To overcome this, I freeze the filling briefly to firm it up.

Ingredients to make about 10 pieces:

60g glutinous rice flour
4g wheat starch (Tang flour)
5g custard powder
8g tapioca flour
45g sugar
80g milk
5g vegetable oil

60g mango, diced
30g mango puree
30g milk
30g heavy cream
6g corn starch
7g sugar

fine coconut shreds for coating

1)  Make the filling first by heating milk and sugar in a small pot until it boils. Mix the cream with cornstarch and add to the boiling mixture. Stir constantly until it thickens. Remove from heat and add the puree and stir. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes until it firms up.
2)  Mix all the dough ingredients and steam for 15-20 minutes. Let it cool completely before using.

3)  Divide the cooked dough and the filling into 10 equal parts. Flatten each piece of dough and wrap with the filling and a piece of the diced mango.

4)  Roll the ball in a dish of coconut flakes.


1)  The dough will be very sticky. Wetting your hands or wearing a pair of gloves will make it easier to handle.
2)  It's best to serve the same day. The dough will become hard in the refrigerator.
3)  Custard powder gives the dough a nice color and vanilla flavor.




60g 糯米粉
4g  澄麵
8g  木薯粉
5g  吉士粉
45g  糖
80g  奶
5g  菜油

60g 芒果肉,切粒
30g 芒果茸
30g 奶
7g 糖
30g 奶油
6g 粟粉


1)  先做餡料:奶和糖放小煲中煮滾,玉米粉加奶油開成糊狀,加入煲中,不繼攪勻成糊狀,熄火,加入芒果茸,攪勻,放入冰箱約半小時至硬身。
2)  將所有皮料攪勻,大火蒸約15分鐘,待涼。
3)  將已蒸熟皮料及餡料分別分成十份,用一份皮包一份餡及芒果肉,再滾上椰絲,便成。


1)  蒸熟了的皮料會很黐手,一定要待凉及戴上手套或用水濕手才容易操作。
2)  做好要即日享用,放雪柜會變硬,影响口感。
3)  皮料加了吉士粉會更香及增加色澤。


  1. the mochi looks good...i'm dying to move closer so i can try it!!!

    i like the new background motif!

  2. Can you show a picture of the mango puree you used and where did you buy it? Thanks!

  3. I got it from an Indian grocery store. It's about $3 a can. Too bad I forgot to take a picture and trashed it already. I'll take a picture next time I buy it.

  4. I posted the picture of the mango puree already. Check it out. It's $3.99/850g.


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