After repeated requests for making the foods shown in this blog available to order, I've decided to open the menu to public. Please note that it is mainly for pickup only (as the food is freshly made without any preservatives or additives, it is meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible). Pickup location is in Diamond Bar area in Southern California, USA. Prices are available upon request.

All the ingredients and recipes in the menu can be searched in the blog, with a few exceptions.

Mail order is very limited to certain foods with additional postage. Please inquire.


1) Email ( or message me on my Facebook page: ( with your order at least 3 days in advance. I will respond within 24 hours.

2) Every order is custom made and there is minimum order requirement. Please inquire.

3) After your order is placed and electronic payment is received, order will be processed. Pickup location will be notified. 

More Than Bread Menu

1) Chinese Dessert/Pastry/Snack 中式糕點、小食:

Clockwise from top left: mango pudding, yellow pea pudding, banana flavored roll, steamed rice cake

Clockwise from top left: HK waffle, Red Bean Pastry, Vegetarian Lo Mei, Coconut tartlet

  • Banana Flavor Roll 香蕉糕
  • Black Sesame Roll 黑芝麻卷
  • Egg Yolk Pastry 蛋黃酥
  • Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle 雞蛋仔--NEW
  • Konjac Jelly 蒟蒻果凍
  • Mango Pudding, 5.5oz cup 芒果布甸
  • Mango Roll 芒果腸粉
  • Mango Sago 楊枝甘露
  • Pineapple Pastry 鳳梨酥
  • Red Bean Pastry 紅豆酥
  • Sago Cake/Dumpling with Red Bean/Lotus Seed Paste 紅豆/蓮蓉西米盞--NEW
  • Sesame Crackers 芝麻餅
  • Steamed Rice Cake 缽仔糕
  • Taro Pastry 芋頭酥
  • Walnut Cookies 核桃酥
  • Walnut with Date Soft Candy 棗蓉核桃糕--NEW
  • Wife Pastry 老婆餅
  • Yellow Pea Pudding 馬豆糕

Clockwise from top: mango roll, mango sago, konjac jelly

Walnut with Date Soft Candy 棗蓉核桃糕

2) Pastry/Tart 酥餅/撻:

Date tartlet with Walnut, Fruit tartlet, Palmer, Chestnut tartlet

Napoleon 港式拿破崙

  • Chestnut Tartlet 一口栗子撻
  • Chocolate Tart 朱古力撻
  • Coconut Tartlet 一口椰撻
  • Egg Tart 蛋撻
  • Lemon Cream Tart 檸檬撻
  • Napoleon 港式拿破崙--NEW
  • Palmier 蝴蝶酥
  • Raspberry Tart 覆盆子撻
  • Strawberry Tart 草莓撻
  • Date Tartlet with Walnut一口核桃棗蓉撻

3) Cake 蛋糕: (sizes 6", 8" or 9")

  • Black Forest 黑森林
  • Chestnut 栗子蛋糕
  • Japanese Light Cheesecake 日式輕芝士蛋糕
  • Mousse Cake 斯: mango, strawberry, ginger, matcha, chocolate raspberry
  • Tiramisu 提拉米蘇
  • Cake Roll 蛋糕卷: Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha with Red Bean, Chestnut--NEW

4) Macaron 馬卡龍 (minimum order 1 box of 20-22 pieces): dark chocolate ganache, mango, lemon, raspberry, black sesame, vanilla, espresso, ginger, lychee, rum, passionfruit, strawberry, pistachio, lavender, rose, matcha, etc.

5) Moon Cake 月餅 (4, 6, 9 or 12 gift box):

  • Custard 奶黄
  • Snowy 冰皮 (green bean, red bean, taro, purple yam, black sesame, matcha)
  • Taiwanese 綠豆椪

6) Others: NEW

    Vegetarian Lo Mei 齋鹵味 ( sweet & sour, curry, soy sauce flavor)

    Bead curd with Shrimp roes 蝦籽扎蹄

XO Sauce

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